Drone Sightseeing: Koellertal Castles (Germany / Saarland)

in travel •  9 months ago

The famous UNESCO World Heritage Site "Voelklingen Ironworks" intrigues many visitors to Germany, but few tourists know the lovely small town only 5 miles away from this major attraction: Come with me to Puettlingen and explore the history of the "Hexenturm", the Witches' Tower, on the grounds of a forgotten castle. See Bucherbach Castle in Puettlingen-Koellerbach, just 1.5 miles from the Witches' Tower. We'll send a DJI Spark drone up in the air for a fresh perspective and learn about medieval history in the process.

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Coming soon: a video of the UNESCO World Heritage Site "Voelklingen Ironworks" mentioned in the video is currently in post-production.

!steemitworldmap 49.300202 lat 6.897654 long Koellertal Castles: Bucherbach Castle near Witches' Tower Puettlingen d3scr

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Well done this is an amazing video! You've captured the castles' history excellently, those poor 'witches'! Ruins always fascinate me, to think it once was a vibrant place where people lived and now there is nothing, but good to see it's being used at times! Felt like I was watching a National Geographic production! Awesome stuff, look forward to seeing the Ironworks :)


"National Geographic"... Wow! Thank you for this beautiful BOUQUET of flowers :-)

Thanks for a great presentation! I have always admired the perspectives achieved by using drones. The views are so lively and bright! Especially when a good director has done such a work)


Thanks for the flowers . Yes, it was worth getting a drone and learning how to use it. It's a process.


We are all here to help each other out. Steem On! Thanks Follow me & Upvote. I'll do the Same."

Great work. I liked the video. I study video editing and know how much work is needed for a good video. Well, I am not a professional but I would suggest just a little bit more dynamic in the video. I hope this is helpful :)


"a little bit more dynamic in the video" - Duly noted. It's difficult to have great footage, and then discard it - but I'm working on it. :-)


Yes of course and wish you all the best :) I think practice does everything

nice writing and breath taking video indeed. your post making me crazy to buy myself a new drone . keep going.


Thanks. Buy yourself a Spark. It can do a lot and people don't feel threatened by its tiny size.


yes... i am planning to buy something like that . keep writing . :)

Hi Folker, great content! Thanks a lot for the effort. I really liked the music and I think your voice/text was really pleasant to listen to. What I really did not like where the transitions between the shots. It might be subjective but you will see those "Image is flying away" transitions nowhere around, they remind me of old boring photo slideshows and I think this could be something you could work on. Furthermore I would love to know if you actually had a flying permit or if you just did it? Thank you.


"Image is flying away" - Duly noted. As an amateur, I didn't have and didn't require a permit to fly. German law makes certain stipulations, which I stuck to: No flying above 100 m, no flying over crowds of people, no flying over private property w/o permission, mandatory liability insurance. It makes for some odd camera angles, but this was all filmed over public property.


Ah, I was not aware of that, thanks for the answer! You know which kind of transition I am talking about? Anyway, really good work!

Brilliant stuff. @eric-boucher said it all, I cannot add to that. 100% upvote, followed and a rare resteem from me.


Thank you very much :-)

Very nice video! Vielen Danke!


Immer gerne. :-)

music and cinematography just owww. cant appreciate more. Its making me eager to just go Germany and feel the immense natural beauty. Just speechless after watching the heavenly touch on this beautiful country.


Thank you.

Your video is fantastic, you took much effort creating this. It was did with much professionalism, and im applauding your hardwork here, thank you for a very beautiful content, i love your work


Thank you.



Promise kept :-)

What a great opportunity you are giving us to visit your home country! The choice of music, cinematography as well as your narration is in a scrumptious mix. Thank you so very much! Full 100% upvote, resteemed and followed! You excellent work is giving our platform more value for all.

Namaste :)


Thank you, Eric, for the wonderful compliment. Cheers!


It is my deepest pleasure and would upvote with more tokens if I had any more. Your work among us is exemplary and can't wait to see more. Namaste :)

Oo awesome :)


Thank you.

Wow. Will note this place on my list!
Thanks for sharing


It's got nice people, good food, and neat pubs as well. Well worth an afternoon and evening. :-)

Wow richtig tolle Dokumentation mit atemberaubenden Aufnahmen!

Ich finde es sehr interessant, wie sehr sich der Baustil einer Burg in Deutschland, nahe der Französischen Grenze unterscheidet zu dem einer Burg im Süden Österreichs.
Zumal unterscheidet sich das Terrain vollkommen, aber auch die Bauweise an sich ist unterschiedlich.
Sehr spannend zu sehen!

Folge dir jetzt auch, bin gespannt auf weitere Dokumentationen zu mittelalterlichen Bauwerken!

wow you are really awsome


Don't know about that, but thanks all the same :-)

good job bro.
plz visit my profile and upvote.

Nice 💕

Very cool pic😎

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Beautiful write up......I hope I get to visit Germany one day. The country where cars come to life.

Hey @folker-wulff I really like this blog and your concept of drone sightseeing. I can see you've put a lot of effort into the video. I have't seen your work before mate, but I'm going to give you a follow and check out some of your other blogs. Thanks for sharing. I'm sorry but my 100% vote is not worth very much but I'll give it nonetheless. (Edit)...Haha, I just realised most of your blogs are in German. That's make it a challenge for me.


Thank you.

"I have't seen your work before":
1 - My stuff is usually private in nature and I'm not in the habit of plastering my friends and family (or myself) all over social media. Call me old-fashioned.
2 - I dislike YouTube and their patronizing bullshit. Among other things, I have invested a ton of money in royalty-free music for every purpose, and YouTube still flags it. I'm mindful of copyrights and don't need Google dogooders to censor me.

"in German":
You can safely ignore the German stuff, as it's exclusively about local politics. We just had an election here, and FaceBook is heavily censored. It's how I got to Steemit in the first place. Anyway, if a post is of interest to all, it will be in English.

Cheers :-)


I’ll be checking more of your work out mate, I like it a lot. Thanks for your reply. Regards, @galenkp

Wow ! Really refreshing !! Beautiful !!!

I like this video so much !

Cool work, undoubtedly !

I always spot you my best friends

Creative... I like your post..
I will this post have a motivation for me..
Greating from aceh


Right back at you, buddy :-)


Thank you buddy...

Wow, what a great share you got here. Thanks, I enjoyed it a lot. Keep posting great content like this.


Thanks. :-)

We are all here to help each other out. Steem On! Thanks Follow me & Upvote. I'll do the Same."

The Völklingen Ironworks are the world's only surviving smelting works from the Golden Age of the iron and steel industry in the 19th and 20th century. In 1994 these gigantic ironworks covering an area of 600,000m² became the first industrial monument to be inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage list. Today, they are a cultural attraction, themed discovery park and science centre rolled into one.


Yup, a most photogenic pile of rust ;-) An "ironworks" video is in the works already. I'll do an ambiance piece first and a proper documentary sometime next year, as this will require more research and understanding on my part.

good content, cool bro

it was great opportunity for us.in here you just tell us labour point which is very good thing in germany.

nice photography and nice post
keep it up @folker-wulff

I love it
upvoted folow resteem


Thank you kindly.


you are welcom

Thanks for sharing ..
Good post

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Lovely video, didn't know, that there are so lovely places to visit

Awesome video . I have drones myself :) keep up the good work . I would like to see more :)


Thanks. I just started experimenting with the drone. Here's what I made so far:

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I simply love your video, what great content and quality @folker-wulff
Please up-vote and follow me @hatimbenya
Thank you

It really is amazing that we don't even know what may be right around the corner from us.


This is a quick survey of Saarland state. Each dot is a potential video, weather permitting. The list isn't complete and doesn't include France (e.g. Metz), Luxembourg, or the Palatinate (Trier). It took me only 50 years of globetrotting to figure this out, so there's hope ;-)

drone pictures are soooooo coooool!

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excellent post, I invite you to visit my blog, greetings


Thank you, and greetings to you as well.

Awesome video editing and great photography.... delighted to upvote and follow you...you may be interested in looking at some of my clips I will be posting soon, if so delighted if you could do the same for me

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img credz: pixabay.com
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Incredible shots! Thank you for sharing, I would love to get a drone in the near future, is there one in particular that you would recommend?


I would prefer the DJI Mavic, but opted for the smaller DJI Spark. As an amateur I don't absolutely have to have 4K and the Spark is less threatening to people. It looks like a toy and I can get away with flying almost anywhere. Still a mechanically stabilized FullHD camera and very decent flight performance. The best drone is the one I have with and can fly. It could do with a bit more dynamic range.

Great video and very nice pictures.