The Matanuska Glacier

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The Matanuska Glacier is the largest glacier in Alaska that can be reached by your car. It's colors of white and pale blue are amazing. This is beauty that is constantly changing and every day is a new day. There is a small parking area where you can park and go out on the glacier. What an adventure awaits you as you hike carefully across the glacier. Matanuska Glacier is simply beautiful. No two trips to the glacier are the same. It is always on the move!

"Explore the World and soar like an eagle" 

Marla Silva @ floridagypsy  

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Nice place to visit

I enjoyed it! I love the white with a blue tint.

Great place! :))

I think so too!

upvoted and following

Seems nice place to experience.

It is so beautiful, nothing like it.

It is a peaceful and beautiful place.

If you haven't been, it would be an awesome addition to the bucket list.

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nice place :D