Asia travels finally started day#1

in travel •  last year 


After a quick visit home for 3 days and getting reunited with my family I finally started my travels and made my way over to Asia. As usual it’s a exhausting trip and took me this time abt 30 hrs to get myself to surabaya, Indonesia where the fun gonna start. A quick stop in Singapore and getting reunited with my friend I haven’t seen for 3 years brought good memories up!

After that I continued with a 2,5 hr flight got picked up by the airport from my long time friend Rizal which I know for abt 4 years.

Rest of the day followed with no sleep, free cinema and a traditional wedding in the evening where we put ourself in the batik shirts.


Very funny to see the differences between ceremonies! So we went for a quick handshake and our congratulations and gift ,a picture with the pair, ate a little and left abt after 30 mins ...

after that we slept a bit cos next morning at 6 am the train goes to the next city to visit our mutual friend!

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