Check out Frankfurt's New Old Town!

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So, I was pondering on writing this article in German for a moment, but that wouldn't really make too much sense. It should also get the attention of fellow travelers from all over the planet. Also, we have a huge expat community here, and not all of them do speak German (yet). I could write a book about my hometown and garnish it with thousands of pictures, but that would exceed Steemit's capacity, so I'll just begin with just a few random pics I shot about a week ago.

As I'm trying to keep it short and sexy, just a tiny bit of background info: As many of you may or may not know, Frankfurt was completely destroyed in the 2nd World War. I mean: c-o-m-p-l-e-t-e-l-y (few exceptions). After the war, some structures were rebuilt, most were not. Around the 'Römer', City Hall, we've had a historic 'old town', but, as a tour guide I overheard once stated: 'Everything you see here is fake'. Now 'fake' is not the word I would use, as a lot of love was put into the reconstruction, with the little funds available following the war. Houses had been bombed down to nothingness - and some, like the Römer itself, built up again after the war had ended. So far, so good.

Now just recently (in May this year) Frankfurt saw the inauguration of its 'New Old Town'. Even more recently I took the time and drove down there on my scooter on my way home. And I was stunned - in a most positive way. They rebuilt an entire quarter, the 'DomRömer Quarter', lots of it strictly according to the original as it used to be before the war. The reconstructions included using the same materials, the craftsmanship and a damn good eye for detail. The result is now open to the public, including myself, and it is amazing:

The Hühnermarkt (chicken market), the Stoltze-Fountain in front is an original from 1892

You'll find little alleys like this, as they looked centuries ago.

'Hof Rebstock am Markt', something like a hotel, up to 700 years ago, for guests of the Frankfurt Trade Fair, still famous today

Same building, other side

'Haus zur Goldenen Waage', first mentioned in 1323, one of the most beautiful timber framing houses I know - the Frankfurter Dom (cathedral) in the background

Come and see Frankfurt! And I'm not talking about the airport. Liebe Grüße, Flo.

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I love the pics! While there is nothing quite like the original, it's wonderful that Frankfurt is investing in its future by reconstructing its past. I recently had the opportunity to travel through Germany and was quite surprised by how many ancient towns sprinkle the landscape.


Hey there, great that you liked the pics, and I'm even happier you enjoyed Germany. I have guests from all over the world quite frequently and it means a lot to me to be a good embassador. Because I was also welcomed everywhere and have seen such beautiful places abroad. I will be posting more about Frankfurt, Germany and other places, so do stay tuned. And why don't you just write a post about your trip here? You've got one upvoted already! ;)

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Germany was quite beautiful! I'm working on writing about my trip. I've already got a few blog posts from Germany - I went to the Cologne Cathedral, a little place called Alsfeld, and just finished a post about Dachau. I've got so many pictures from the trip it's going to take me months to write about all the wonderful experiences I had while there. I only spent 3.5 weeks in Europe, but I think I could easily write about it for an entire year. Here's the link to the most recent one if you want to check it out.

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