[EN, ES] 🌍☀ Mallorca W-4 If you know this island, BE MY GUIDE! =D ☀🌍

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Hi Steemians!

In 4 weeks I will be on the plane to Mallorca!!! Woohoo !!! I can't wait!!!!


Mallorca is the largest island of the Balearic Islands which also includes Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera. These islands are part of Spain and are located in the Mediterranean.

I had the chance to visit Ibiza two times and I recommend it for its climate and its beautiful little wild beaches. If you like to party, it's also a great place .

I am very excited! For the moment, I did some research on the island but nothing very thorough ^^. I woke up this morning and had this idea:

Why not ask the Steemit community if some have gone to Mallorca and can recommend cool places to visit?

So, do not hesitate to share with the community and me your experience!

This time, the guide is you!

You can tell us:

  • what you must visit in the island
  • where you can eat local and vegan food
  • the most beautiful beaches, villages
  • things to avoid
  • ...


Everything you want =).

And if you live in Mallorca, it's even better !!!

Feel free to send me a message and if possible we can arrange a meeting as I did to Gran Canaria with @kilianparadise and @cauac, It was a great moment! If you want to know more, I suggest you click this link:
My amazing Meetup #promo-steem in Gran Canaria with @kilianparadise and @cauac!^^. It would be cool to meet Steemians over there =D!

Thank you very much for your help and see you soon for new flamingirl's adventure on Steemit!

If you liked to read these few lines, feel free to FOLLOW ME, UPVOTE and RESTEEM this article =)! Thank you for your support my Steemians friends!

Hola Steemians!

¡En 4 semanas estaré en el avión a Mallorca! Woohoo !!! No puedo esperar !!!!


Mallorca es la isla más grande de las Islas Baleares, que también incluye Menorca, Ibiza y Formentera. Estas islas son parte de España y están ubicadas en el Mediterráneo.

Tuve la oportunidad de visitar Ibiza dos veces y lo recomiendo por su clima y sus hermosas y pequeñas playas salvajes. Si te gusta la fiesta, también es un gran lugar =).

¡Estoy muy emocionada! Por el momento, hice algunas investigaciones en la isla pero nada muy completo ^^. Me desperté esta mañana y tuve esta idea:

¿Por qué no preguntar a la comunidad Steemit si algunos se han ido a Mallorca y pueden recomendar lugares interesantes para visitar?

Por lo tanto, no dude en compartir con la comunidad y conmigo su experiencia!

¡Esta vez, la guía eres tú!


Puedes decirme:

  • lo que debes visitar en la isla
  • donde puedes comer comida local y vegana
  • las playas más bellas, pueblos bonitos
  • cosas para evitar
  • ...

Todo lo que quieras =).

¡Y si vives en Mallorca, es incluso mejor!

No dudes en enviarme un mensaje y, si es posible, podemos organizar una reunión como la que hice en Gran Canaria con @kilianparadise y @cauac. ¡Fue un gran momento! Si quieres saber más, te sugiero que hagas clic en este enlace:
[ES] ¡Mi increíble Meetup #promo-steem en las Islas Canarias con @kilianparadise y @cauac! ^^. Sería genial conocer Steemians por allí =D!

Si te gustó leer este artículo o simplemente mirar las fotos, no dudes en ¡SEGUIRME, VOTAR y COMPARTIR! Siempre es agradable =D. ¡Gracias a todos por su apoyo y nos vemos pronto para una nueva aventura de flamingirl!


Te recomendaria una escapada desde Palma al Port de Sóller en tren. Es un viaje de 1 hora de durada en un tren de estilo antiguo que pasa por la Serra de Tramuntana y llega al Port de Sóller. Allí también puedes tomar el tranvia.

Photo Source

Horarios tren/Train Schedule

+ info

I would like to recommend you a day-trip from Palma to Port de Sóller by train. It lasts 1 hour by an old style train that goes through the Serra de Tramuntana and arrives to the Port de Sóller. There you can also take the tram.

¡Se ve hermoso! Muy buena idea gracias por el consejo que puse en mi lista = D

Gracias a ti por tus posts! Me encanta seguirte! Saludos desde Girona.

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The place is amazing .. this is spain, thanks for the pictures
Great post from you
Thanks for sharing..

Thank you so much @slimanepro!
All the best,
Saludos de Barcelona

Hello @flamingirl
Your posts regards travelling in different Islands really makes me very excited,I want to travell the same,the beaches and the hilly areas you show in your posts.But I am not lucky as you are.Sience these Islands are located in different countries,it will cost much money to go there.
I am not so financially strong to acheive that moment............but I have noted down all the exciting places that I came to know through yourself......and in future whenever I will be able for this Definetly I will have tour of these amazing places.........and then I will be able to one of luckiest person like @kilianparadise & @cauac and to have a great moment with you!!
Thank you so much for this beautiful post,
Ignore my english mistake if any!😊

Yes you're right I'm very lucky to travel. In fact, as I live in Spain there are many islands that are close and cheap. I paid 30 euros for the round trip Barcelona / Palma de Mallorca =). But I'm sure that around you there are beautiful places too?

Yes! You are right ,there are so many beautiful places are here,But I like to have foreign tours,its my dream sience my childhood,and now really you made me even much excited by telling about ,30 euros........wow ! beautiful places trip at low cost......and really very thanks for you reply!
Have a nice day ,God bless you!
And if its possible then please keep myself in your amazing fellowship!!🙏

Wow amazing island!!! If i will go there with u.Then it will be a great day.I love u!!!💜XOXO

Actually I do not think my boyfriend will agree XD

So :( ...😥it's ok

Visit India too .It is also a incredible place

It's far... =D Mallorca it's close to Spain hihi

Mallorca?? I never going to there but I know that is famous place and hope you have great time in there , bravo :) @flamingirl

I'm already going to work but I did not have the time to visit so this time I'll do it =)

@flamingirl Mallorca is really a very awesome place... I suggest that you to try Palma bay boat trip and hot air balloon ride. You will definitely enjoy the experience of both of that. And in advance wishing you a safe and happy journey.

Great! I note both tips, thank you very much!
Have a nice day =D

What a place it was! looking great!

When exactly will you be there? I'm flying on 22nd of July and will be staying for a week.

I'll be there from July 27 to August 1 so we can meet in Mallorca youhouuuuuu! =D
Do you have "steemit chat" to talk ?

That's great!! Looking forward to meeting you!! Do you mean Discord? If so, my ID is delishtreats#6850

Done! See you on discord =D

brilliant place to travel to. @flamingirl youve visited the most beautiful places on this planet and have shared with us too. always like your travels and photography. it is just outstaning. keep up the good work.

Make sure you go dancing. If you're not dancing until 6am you've done something wrong.

I love to dance so it's wonderful! =D

Take me with you :))

sorry it's a girls' trip =D

Wow... Que hermoso! Espero algún día visitar lugares así.
Te invito a pasar a mi blog.

do you travel all the time?

Not all the time but often =D

you must have explored all over europe by now

No but about 3/4 =)

Hope you get someone here who can help. Are you going alone?

Nop, with friends =)

Happy travel...

beautiful and relaxing landscape..beautiful the blue color of the sea

If you're going to Mallorca, I would suggest to avoid the super-turistic spots (you can find those in Costa Brava and Costa Dorada without having to leave mainland Spain). Instead visit the beautiful Cap de Formentor, the village of Deià,...

Ok! I note both tips, thank you very much!
Have a nice day =D

I've been to Spain many times even lived in Sevilla for a few months but still have never made it out to Mallorca, the photos are absulutely stunning and the water looks so blue. I need to make another trip to Spain and go here asap.

And I must visit Sevilla and Granada and all Andalusia =D. Maybe I'll do a moto trip with my boyfriend =)

I'm flying to Mallorca tomorrow! ;)

Really?! You will tell me and you will give me advice I hope = D Enjoy your trip!

Ok, here it goes :)

You should visit Es Trenc (the most beautiful long, sandy beach in Mallorca), Sa Calobra (to me, the most beautiful 'cala' in Mallorca), Port de Soller (beautiful town on the west shore, don't miss to take the train to Soller, then a bus), Palma, of course, Portals Nous (beautiful small beach with a small island in front of it, and a very fancy sail port), the Drac Caves (wow). I lived there for a year, so I know :D

Y te sigo! Me encanta tu blog

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