Art is everywhere... You just have to look around and open your art...♡

in travel •  6 months ago

Walking in the streets of Paris, I found this Cool Street Art with a comic style. It is colorful and funny so I wanted to share it with you!


If you are creative and you like art and especially macro photography, you can participate in my

Have a nice sunday!


Xoxo from Paris 💋

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I also right Art is everywhere... You just have to look around and open your art...♡,,I really art photography,thanks for share with us

amazing artwork @flamingirl. it is true that Paris is called the city of art


You're totally right my friend! Thanks for your nice comment ! =D

That art is really cute. Great art for kids.

I was traveling to Mussoorie and i see stone art there, It was amazing. I have posted it on my blog, you can check it out. Follow me to don't miss amazing things coming in short.

Lovely comic art!

Have a nice Sunday yourself!!

Comics you say? Have you seen Amazing Spider-Man #800 yet? It's worth a read.

Comming and Upvoted you :) !
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Oh yes, art is everywhere, this art work is really beautiful, with a great use of color, so creative. Thanks for sharing another wonderful post @flamingirl enjoy your day

Wow very nice and colourful

At first glance it's reflecting as it's scene of an cartoon but great to know that it's an Street art and someone really talented people have done this because literally it have the essence of original cartoon piece. 🙂

Great art

Una obra de arte muy hermosa @flamigirl, pintura naif, creo se escribe así ¿cierto? me encanta ese tipo de arte con tan vistosos colores, es mi favorita, gracias por compartir.