Hello from New York

in #travel3 years ago

Good morning from New York! Well it's been quite a night & early morning. It's currently 5:30 AM and I'm currently on #teamnosleep! Yesterday I began my departure back home from Costa Rica. The first flight to JFK was smooth sailing BUT I missed my second flight.

The whole morning and afternoon I was getting notifications about gate changes and departure times. I was supposed to depart at 11:10 PM last night...so here I was sitting near the gate. For some reason however, the departure time was changed to 10:45 BUT I never got a notification to my phone, nor did I hear any announcements or my name, (they always say your name before leaving). So, I missed my flight.

And now here I am, 5:30 AM posting about this experience. I felt mad at myself for missing my flight and somehow...I clearly wasn't paying good enough attention to any lines forming. I called my mom crying and then spent the night in the airport.
But man, was it an experience. It was so strange to see the place completely empty, except a man painting the ceiling at about 1:30 AM. I laid there on a chair wide awake all night, wishing time would speed up. At about 3:45 people began flooding in.

Here I am now...beyond exhausted & I can't wait to shower and actually get home. As grumpy as I've felt, I realize...it's not the worst thing that could have happened to me. Traveling has its bumps in the road so oh well. At least I can say I've "slept" in an airport before 😝