Wanderlust Diary #03: A Date at Kawasan Falls

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The Kawasan Falls is a famous three-layered waterfalls located at Brgy. Matutinao in Badian, Cebu. Kawasan is popular for it's aquamarine waters that will surely lure you to take a plunge. This is also part of the canyoneerig adventure upstreams being offered to tourists.

This waterfalls, among other places in Cebu like Sirao garden and Osmeña peak, has always been a part of my bucket list since I first saw my bestfriend and a lot of our friends visiting this beautiful waterfalls. After many years and failed attempts, I finally managed to visit Kawasan with my bestfriend Karen, during one of my visits in Cebu.



We left early for the trip as I needed to be back in the afternoon for my flight back to Manila. We were supposed to visit Kawasan and climb Osmeña Peak after but due to the time constraint, we only managed to go to Kawasan. My bestfriend was already very familiar with the place so I know I was in good hands. 😊




The trek from the main road going to the first cascade of Kawasan only takes 15-30 minutes depending on your pace. When we arrived there around lunch, given that it was a Sunday, the area was packed with a lot of groups who were either eating or swimming so we decided to continue to the second cascade.





After our hearty lunch (we had take out from a fastfood), we decided to take a plunge at the inviting waters; WITH our rented life vests of course (Karen and I are no swimmers 😂). After a while however, we decided to take it a bit further and rented a raft. 😁




We only were able to reach the second cascade as we had no time. 😞

All in all, I was really glad (still am) that I was able to tick off Kawasan falls from my bucketlist. 🙆 And hey, you don't find waterfalls as beautiful as this one at just any day.

For those who are planning to visit Kawasan falls very soon, here are the few things to consider:

How to Get There:
*Via Public Vehicle: You can go to the South Bus Terminal Cebu an ask the driver if it stops in Matutinao Badin Church. You can take the bus going to Bato (via Barili) Fare is around 120 - 150 Php (~3 - 4 US Dollars)

  • The first waterfalls can be reached from the main road in 15-30 mins depending on your pace. You can opt to hire a guide but if you decide not to, you can just follow the trail just beside the Kawasan river.

Fees and rentals:
*Admission fee: 40 Php (~1 USD)
*Life vests: 50 Php (~2 USD)
*Raft: 300 Php (~8 USD)
*Changing Room: 10 Php (~1 USD)
*Table: 300 Php (~8 USD)
*Cottages: 1,500 - 2,500 Php/night (~38 - 63 USD)
*Room: 1,000 - 1,500 Php/night (~25 - 38 USD)

Tips 😊
*If you want to avoid the crowd at the waterfalls, you can visit during the weekdays or earlier during weekends and holidays.
*You can bring your own food and water for a cheaper adventure.
*Bring your fully charged phones (better if you have waterproof cameras/phones😊).

Thank you for reading!

All the best! {always}
~filnette 🍀

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The place is so epic. We were doing canyoneering there. The last jump from the highest shelf was wow :D

That sounds amazing! Good for you! I am yet to experience canyoneering but I'm looking forward to one.

Next time you should try the dungeoneering, it's mindblowing trekking and swimming down through the river in the canyon :)
Nice post, well written with nice pictures, keep it up!

Oh I think I might! I need to tick off both Sirao and Osmeña peak first and then I'll be good to go. Need to load up enough courage first. 😊 Thank you for dropping by @wanderingdanish.😊 Will see you around.

Stunning shots! Your blog makes me want to explore Cebu again. :)

Is that a good sign or a bad one? 😊 You've been to Kawasan also?

When was this? Hahaha. I also enjoyed Kawasan falls last month. The water was so cool. There were too many people, speaking in their own languages. I went there alone but everyone was so friendly so I did not feel out of place. Seriously. When was this?

Haha. This was October of 2016. Trust me, these photos taken were also the result of too many people in the area during my visit. I never even been able to get a photo of the first cascade because of such.

I asked about the date because it looks so different in your photo. This year, there are already too many tables and stores on the outskirts of the water (I mean the land part hahahaha). It so crowded right now. But, the water is still so cool.

That's sad to hear :-( Even in the second cascade? When we went there, there were also a lot of tables and stores at the first cascade that I was not able to have a decent photo. At the second cascade though, I think we just arrived there earlier during that time.

Beautiful place ♥
Happy Steeming ♥

It is. 😊 It's worth putting in someone's bucket list. 😊 Happy steeming as well!

Never heard of this place! It's gorg! Philippines never fails to amaze me. I've always wanted to go to falls but wasn't able to do so since I'm young but hey I'm getting older, gotta add this to my list 😉 Thank you miss.

You should visit Kawasan! It doesn't require a long and hard trekking (based on my experience) so you should be fine 😊 Good luck!

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