Wanderlust Diary #02: Visiting the Biggest 3D Trick Art Museum in Asia (Part 2)

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Our trip to the Art in Island in Cubao,Quezon City, dubbed as the biggest 3D trick art museum in Asia as far as the number of paintings are concerned, was an amazing experience and photo session for me. I had way too many photos I wanted to share with you that I actually had to split them into two blogs here. 😁 I will not be posting everything though as I might just bore you guys with all my crazy poses.

So here below is a continuation of my, 'being part of art' experience at the Art in Island!

'Goliath or a Titan?'

'fly me to the moon!'

' not your ordinary puppet'

'i could get used to this'


'the struggle is real' 😂

'more Titans!'

'it's really about the money'

'the cross-over'

'all yours teddy!'

'gotcha Santa'

'hanging by a moment'

'oh it's too cold outside, for angels to fly 🎵'

'somebody's a little bit thirsty'

'a popsicle for Mr. Tiger'


'the serenade'

'the mademoiselle'

'why polka dots?!'


There you go guys! I hope you enjoyed my collection of photos.

For those who are planning to visit the Art in Island very soon, here are a few things to consider:

*Admission Fee:
*Php 500 for adults (~10 US Dollars)
*Php 400 for students, senior citizens and persons with disabilities (~8 US Dollars)
Note: please don't forget to bring your ID to avail of the discount
*Free for children below 3 ft

*Address: 175 15th Ave. Brgy. Socorro, Cubao, Quezon City
*Operating Hours: Tuesday - Sunday, 09:30 AM - 09:30 PM
*Contact Number: (02) 421 - 1356
*Email: [email protected]

Tips 😊
*Wear/bring socks! (I did.) Shoes are not allowed inside the galleries. Outside shoes and slippers will be deposited at the shoe counter befoee entry. In case you have no socks with you and are not planning on going inside barefoot, there are slipper socks available to visitors for Php 150 (~3 US Dollars).
*Bring your fully-charged cameras/phones! You will be taking a lot of photos and videos inside (trust me!). Keep in mind though that use of 'flash' and 'tripods' are not allowed.
*Explore! There are so many paintings inside the museum that you may want to spend a couple or few hours inside to have really awesome shots. You could also go there earlier to avoid the crowd. 😉
*Be crazy and creative! You will get the desired outcome if you will surely, 'be part of art'. And no need to be shy. You will be surprised on other's craziness when it's their turn.
*Wear comfortable clothes! I'm glad I followed the advise of my friend and changed into jeans. There will be instances when you will be obliged to lie on the floor for the sake of 'instagrammable' ('steemitable' rather) photos. 😀
*Don't forget to follow the guides/marks on the floor for a wonderful 3D effect.

Thank you for reading!

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All the best! {always}
~filnette 🍀

Source: Art in Island 3D Museum Manila



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