Miracle garden: Dubai

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Yes . It was desert . Humanity creat garden with millions of flowers in desert ..
of course it is not the same what in Royal Garden in Amsterdam .. it is not the same what in Parade of Tuilips in Istanbul .. but When you think that before it was just naked desert without any green leaf you start to arriciate what you see now ))
If to be honnest I endured just 30 min maximum to walk in this Garden .. it was too hot . And of course under +40 in the shadow it is not pleasant to walk at all ..













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Good shot! I like your photos, my favourite one is with tulips

now we also said that we have also seen mircal garden in Dubai but the cradit goes to only @fedrarosi.thanks for showing us this wonderful garden, photography is awesome,
happy traveling.

Thanks friend )))

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Nice transformation, greetings from Venezuela.

Saludos amigo )))

The fact that this place desert before makes me love it even more. It has become possible due to the endless efforts of humans and volunteers. Very touching pòst though.

Thnaks 🤗🌺

Excellent photography Thank you for sharing post


Where it present in dubai?

A little bit far from center . We took taxi ))

Wow beautifull photography
Thank you for sharing post

Thank you for visiting ))

What creative minds and talent to transform the desert into this paradise of nature.

It seams Israel was first who made from desert to garden .. at least Dubai is developing much just last 30 years

Something new to watch, its a beautifully planned park, quality in whatever they do.


Phenomenal photography dear. The images look outstanding. Really inspiring photos of nature. Thanks for shring such good pictures with us.

Thanks for visiting my post )))

Wow it look like a fun place to visit!!


Dubai memang tempat yang paling banyak destinasi wisata dengan taman bunga yang indah 😍


really a great success the outcome of the previous desert..

can just imagine how much work was put to this to become the success it is now considering the temperature of the atmosphere .

great job

Thanks ))

This is very awesome traveling vlog....I think you enjoying your travel...@fedrarosi

Thanks dear 🤗💛❤️