Eye exam across borders

in travel •  5 months ago

Today I took my son to the eye doctor in Sweden. he has had glasses for one year and last year when we were there they were concerned that one eye was weaker that the other. they asked us to get his eyes checked 6 months later and let them know the results. We did get his eyes checked this winter and the American eye doctor said that all was fine. He needs glasses but no other issues. Now we're back in Sweden and after a new exam they want us to put a patch over his left eye for 2 hours every day to help the other eye develop better.

I don't know enough to really question the eye doctor on either side of the Atlantic. but how can it be so different? We've experienced similar differences other times. When my wife was pregnant for example or what you must do or should not do with an infant.

Differences like this put us in a difficult situation. Should we listen to the American or the Swedish eye doctor? Both cannot be right at the same time as neither can be completely wrong.

Life can be complicated when you travel and live with one foot on each side of the ocean. In the end the decision is ours. We have to decide what we think is best for us, and in this case, best for Peters eyes.

Thanks for following the journey of me and my family as we travel and roadschool our kids around the USA.

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