The Second Day in Hampi /// INDIA

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Our second day in Hampi started quite interesting. As we wanted to explore the other side of the river we had to take a boat.


While we were walking near by the river we saw how people are washing clothes and themselves in it. Kids were cheering and playing in the water, while parents had a good swim. It was quite interesting to feel that atmosphere, it felt like they were celebrating something, but probably it was just a “Sunday bath”.


When we got to another side of the river there was a possibility to rent a scooter and to see all the main temples and ruins around.

We didn’t have any plan where to go or what to see and we thought that we don’t want to be tourists and decided to do ‘off-track’ sightseeing.


It happened absolutely spontaneously, while I was looking at the map, Yan said, let’s just turn right and see where we can get, I agreed and we started our little hiking in 30 degrees of heat, hahah. It wasn’t so bad, tho. We had water and hats, so it was kind of a bearable.


When I realized there are no roads or paths to go, Yan suggested to make our own and so we did. I can tell that it was such a nice experience to go where your soul takes you.


We were hiking around big rocks and for one moment it felt like a desert, some dry plants life. At least we didn’t see any birds, lizards or even people :D Seems like we chose the right way, and we loved that there was complete silence with no people around.


All kinds of rocks saw us off. During our hiking we had a feeling like we belong in that place, we felt like we were in one with the nature, with every rock and every small thing there, weird but such a nice feeling. The sun was heating and I think it was heating double, because of the stones that were warming up.


After a good way up we found a shade to hide and have rest, in that moment we caught ourselves on a thought that we are somewhere in India’s middle, alone with no people around and surrounded by magical views of palm trees, stones and hills. Quite inspiring, isn’t it? :)


We had totally no regrets of not seeing ruins, temples or any other touristic places, we were happy about our small but so inspiring hiking.


What is your choice when you travel, planned sightseeing OR spontaneous off-tracks? Leave the answer in the comments :)

Thank you for reading and stay tuned for more! Always happy to share with you!

With love,

Extreme Romance


Great, so small can be the world that other Steemains as well in Hampi:-) We loved that place, it is Wonderfull. Specialy the people are living like many years back in the past. In which Guesthouse you went? We had some good and bad experience and at last we went into "Jungle Tree" near the lake, where the people can drive on a small boat on it.

World is small and steemit community is growing! :) We had a feeling that people are pretty far away from modern people and that's what makes the place so special. We forgot the name of the guest house, but it was really close to Shiva's temple.

Wow sweet, what an incredible day and experience:) those rock formations look stunning, the colours too. Seeing all of that in real life must have been special for sure:) I love the distant view of the temples/ruins too, that’s so cool.

For me when I travel, I now prefer to try and go off the beaten track a bit more (depending where I am) in New Zealand this was amazing and I discovered some dream like spots, being the only person there. Actually I did the same in Thailand and climbed down some rocks I found in he jungle and walked down an old path, exposing a massive waterfall! Again, no body around! Was so cool :) I’m loving the posts, it’s great! I’m busy in China at the moment for work, and my travelling will restart at the end of June :) I can’t wait! Peace :)

Thank you for your fantastic comment! We love to go off the beaten path as often as we can too.. Touristy places attract crowds of people, who are usually very noisy. We wish you a productive work in China and great travels in June.. Where do you plan to go?

Aw thank you :) yea I love the detailed travel posts and amazing photos! Yes they do, and that can be a pain.

Thanks very much!Working in China is quite busy, but I’ve found a lake a small mountain hike near me which I do twice a week, last time I hiked the mountain I saw 1 person the whole time!

So after China I am flying directly to Bali, I want to see some of East Java, Bali (off the beaten track) and Lombok over a month, and then I’m thinking of Vietnam and Cambodia, or India! :) have you been to south east Asia or Indonesia before?

Sounds absolutely great! It's very important to escape city once in a while and if you do it twice a week, that's fantastic! We have never been to SE Asia, but we are going to Bali next week :)

It sure is! It’s so good and nature really becomes addictive, I kind of feel like we all need our dose of nature as often as we can!
Ah cool that’s awesome! I can’t wait to hear about how Bali is for you both, I look forward to that for sure:) enjoy the rest of your time in India :)

you are really enjoying india. Hampi is most importent place for indian history many historical stories about thst. so it is good you went hampi. I can see you all enjoying. thanks for sharing us. these photos gives us happiness too

The first time i see you in your video cleaning the beach im eager to see what is your next post. Both of you love to do things that bring you closer to the nature and as you do it, i can see that it brings you even more closer to each other as you enjoy to be with each other.

I love sightseeing. I'm gonna tell my partner and find time for it. Love to see you both in your post.I followed you @extremeromance.

Thank you for ur wonderful comment @marycres! With every day we love nature more and more. While we are able to afford traveling, we will continue to get closer to nature and clean it from time to time. Yes , you and your partner definitely should travel more, it brings you closer and makes relationship stronger. While traveling you learn how to be a team, and team work is dream work :)

Very nice landscapes. I would totally do the scooter temple tour! Are the Segways? All those cool rock formations and ancient buildings would be a lot of fun to explore.

Hampi is worth a visit. Ther'es so much of everything, beauty, silence, ruins, huge lying around. Unfortunately we didn't see any Segways, but renting a scooter is easy.. Exploring all the area around was totally worth it.

Hi @extremeromance Those are some really big boulders. I also like the colors of buildings they look very cheery. Thank you for sharing your trip.
What country is next on your itinerary?

Thank you! Next country is Indonesia, we are going there next week!

Great! Can't wait to see your adventure.

Can you recommend any places to go in India for outdoors activities like kayaking, hiking etc?

@extremeromance Life is short and the older you get, the more you feel it. Indeed, the shorter it is. People lose their capacity to walk, run, travel, think, and experience life. I realise how important it is to use the time I have.have fun enjoy every moment of life stay blessed my friend

his is the reason why we dropped everything and decided to start traveling. Life is about making special memories and traveling is one of the best ways to make them :)

I agree with you cherrs

INDIA is one of my favourite country: when I visited this place in 2011 I was really excited: new people with different habits about food, lifestyle and relationship.
Something like visit another planet

India is always worth a visit. Such a special place on this wonderful blue planet.

At least we didn’t see any birds, lizards or even people :D

And snakes also :D i guess there are some right?
You guys really know how to enjoy, i wish you all the best. Cheers!

We haven't seen any snakes there... luckily for us :)

An amusing article on travel @extremeromance
its looking gorgeous with these photos .
I really liked this post.
and you described everything nicely ..
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