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During our 2 weeks of staying in Bali we have heard a lot about Ubud. Firstly, our friend recommended us to visit it saying it’s an amazing place, after that we read about Ubud as much as possible and then we understood that we have to see this artsy town. On the next day we were on the way.



When we were 15 minutes away from our booked hotel, we realized that we are in Ubud, because of the traditional buildings which seemed to be built many centuries ago, some decorations on the road and green plants everywhere. This was our first impression of Ubud.


The second we entered the center of Ubud, we were amazed how many tourists are there. Yeah, we could imagine that the town will be full of them, but not like this, haha.


We booked a relatively cheap room in Pondok Taman Asri Homestay (1km from the center) and we were happy to see that the place is really nice, greenery around, tasty breakfast included and very cozy room, simply designed and comfortable . Good Wi-Fi, hot shower, everything you need :)

In Ubud we stayed for 3 nights and paid 28$.


We went to explore the streets of the town, gladly we have a scooter to ride around, because Ubud is not so small as we thought.



Guys, for us this town was full of creative energy, seriously, we could feel it. How? Well, imagine, you are going through the main market street and you see many shops and restaurants and they ALL ARE DIFFERENT! Each one of them has something special.


For example, one restaurant is vegan and the design is like made from the nature, wood and light colors, while the cafe next doors can be a place for romantic dinner. People who are owners to one or another place in Ubud are artists for sure! Honestly, above the Ubud, somewhere in the air there is an artsy energy flying around :)





It’s a great place to catch some inspiration or to take your camera and go for a golden sunset hour to take spectacular photos.




Probably, people are selling everything here, starting from fancy clothing shops, swim-wears, bracelets and ending with bags, souvenirs, and some dream catchers. This continues in almost every street you want to turn. A big choice is guaranteed, so if you want to buy something specific, then reserve your hotel for several nights, hahah.



Seems like Ubud loves attention and traffic is usual thing. Scooters, cars, crowds crossing the road wherever they want, but you know what? It looks good, Feels like it’s supposed to be a bit chaotic.
But this family made us smile, and what are your family goals? :)



We were walking through the main road and accidentally got in to the Lotus temple. The view wasn’t the best one, because all the lotus flowers were out of bloom. Although the temple was quite impressive, we still are amazed by Bali buildings design, it’s so unique and probably the key word is details




While taking pictures at the temple, we heard an instrumental noise, when we turned around, we saw a group of kids, bunch of the playing different instruments, 2 of them were dressed as a dragon, while one more kid had a box for donations. I bet they earned a lot, since this continues for the 3rd day :D probably some kind of religious celebration.


If returning to the description of the temple, then visit it during season for lotus flowers, because the view will be worth it.




When we left the temple, the golden-yellow-orange color of the sun hit our faces, I was so happy in that moment, don’t know about Yan :D but the feeling I had inside was unbelievable! I felt like everything around me turns into something so close to me in one word color just melted me away. The street was in a beautiful color, playing with shadows. We stopped for the moment, to enjoy, to feel, to escape. WONDERFUL!


While we were admiring the sun, we forgot how hungry we were :D

The place we checked out is called Biah Biah Warung. When we saw the menu, we were surprised by so friendly prices and quite interesting, authentic and traditional Balinese food. Oh, I forgot to mention that we were not the only ones who found this place so nice. We had to wait in queue for 15 minutes to get a table, the warung was full and around 5-7 people behind us!

We ordered a bit of everything, because they were offering small plates options for 50 cents. To say it was delicious is not to say anything! We absolutely loved that place.


And don't forget to taste the best coffee in Bali, in Seniman Coffee Studio. As I am not a coffee lover, Yanis tried it and completely approved.




We still have a lot to say about Ubud, so will be glad if you will follow us :) Thank you for reading and we wish you a lot of inspiration. Cheers!



Extreme Romance


(1)" We have WiFi here, you dont need to talk to each other". Just tell them we have STEEMIT here which is backed by a steem blockchain and with a cryptocurrency steem.

(2) When the golden yellow color of sun hit your face, you must have been looking extremely beautiful at that moment, I am not sure about others. ha

(3) Saraswati Temple picture shared by you is an absolute beauty and I like other photographs also.

(4) I am just thinking how great architects were there in this world 500/1000 years back and I am sure these temples must have been that much old but look at the fine work on the walls of those temples, it is absolutely phenomenal.

Thank you.

Thank you for this lovely feedback, haha. And idea about STEEMIT is quite interesting, probably we need to open our own cafe with this logo :D

People who are the part of the golden hour are also beautiful, everything gets that supernatural and cozy tone.

The most important thing about architecture is that THEY KEPT IT! No matter what happened in the past they managed to keep everything. This is respectful.

Great update! Ubud seems really cool, I love how artistic it seems:) what a cool place, with every food place different, you really can find anything you want! Asian markets are great, I do love wandering around them seeing what local arty sculptures and art they have spent lots of time making, Thailand is amazing for that too.
Mmm I would love to try all of the Indonesian dishes! Cheap too:)
The detail in the temples looks phenomenal, I always was amazed in Thailand how intricate they designs are, it looks even more so in Bali!
That’s a shame about how busy it is, but I guess that’s part of travelling :)
Great to see you are both enjoying yourselves! 😀 keep up the fun and adventure, I look forward to your next update :) peace!

So far we love Indonesian food wherever we stop to have a meal. Temples here are quite special indeed, but we hope to get to Thailand and explore it too, so we will have something to compare it with. Thank you very much for your wishes, lots of love to you - Yan and Juta!

Ubud seems to be a really good place, wishing to be there one day! Thanks share your travel with us.

It's a place worth a visit! We hope you will make it here sometime soon.

Please what kind of wonder is this? In short, we can consider the island of Bali as one of the most enriching places in the world, where we can enjoy a unique blend of exceptional culture, landscapes and tropical beaches that will enchant all its visitors. As a lover of antiques I have heard of Ubud a couple of times, The Ubud Palace a palace united with beautiful Balinese houses as residence of the King is a center of artistic cultural life that is equipped by an auditorium. Its walls tell a touching story, despite that I have never seen a picture like this wonder

PURA PRAJAPTI is this temple. Every temple has its own beauty and as you said story as well, but so far we didn't have a chance to get to know about them.

That place looks absolutely amazing! What a fun place to explore... Are those hanging, droopy things in the third photo actually street lamps? Or are they just decorations? That city must have had some very talented sculptors, to be able to construct some of those buildings...

It was a huge excitement to explore Ubud and those hangings are decorations, because of some kind of celebration.
I bet Asia is full of talented sculptors, haha, they created something really unique.

This place reminded me of Vietnam )
Beautiful nature. I see that there are a lot of tourists. And you visited places in Bali, where tourists are few and nature is preserved in its original form?

Bali is beautiful indeed. Hmm, I think all not very famous beaches is a place to go if you don't want to meet crowds. We have our strategy for that, we just drive where our eyes take us and we always arrive to something interesting and without tourists.

And we try to rent a car in countries that visit and visit not only the capital, but also small towns and suburbs. It's always very interesting and unusual.

No one doubts Bali with its natural beauty, and its cultural richness. But as an Indonesian, who has been to Bali several times, the problem of bay reclamation is one of the things that must be considered by the people of Bali which of course must be supported by the people of Indonesia.
Btw, great posting here @extremeromance. Cheers. :D

Bali is a symbol for Indonesia's tourism world. But to get to know the richness of Indonesian culture, I recommend you to visit Aceh, Toraja, Yogyakarta, Lombok, Sabang, and Papua.

Thank you for your advice, we will definitely do it!

Coffee and exploring nature I can live with that! What are the plants that are near in the forest photo? They look like bamboo.

Coffee lovers would be in paradise here, really and truly.
Actually, no idea..not that they looked like bamboo, here in Bali there are so many plants we don't know yet :D

Ubud is great. Nice place to relax. Have you already tried a Balinese massage?
We had a rafting trip in that area. We had a great day. I love Bali

No, we didn't try the massage yet, but I am pretty sure we are gonna need it soon :D
Did you try it? How was it?

It was great. The woman has very strong hands. If you had a massage once, you would like it every day.

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