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We have been a little lazy so far, but lazy in a good way. Now we decided to do a bit of sightseeing otherwise we could miss the beautiful parts of this wonderful place.

_DSC3938 - Copy.jpg


One day I thought maybe we should visit Mapusa market, which is popular by it's big size, variety and Friday evening when it's crowded. As we don't like crowded places, the best decision was going there on Thursday. We didn't need to buy something special, just wanted to see what they sell and if something catches our eye, we will buy.




When we went in, the colorful people and the stuff they were selling was attracting an eye. One sells everything for kitchen, the other sells some fruits and vegetables and the first impression and memory of the market is the pork sausages, with a very appealing smell, but we didn't risk to buy them, hahah. Actually, the whole market was full of different smells, but this is what makes it so special.



Need to mention that it wasn't crowded at all, maybe because of going there in the morning.
Well, luckily or unfortunately we didn't buy anything, hahah. The prices weren't so low and all the things were almost the same as we have in our village, so we spent there about 40 minutes walking around and taking pictures with people!



The Tiracol fort was unplanned we were just driving and occasionally arrived there. Nice place, with an amazing view, they have a hotel and restaurant there as well, but if comparing to other places we have visited, this one wasn't that interesting, because of amount of tourists who stay there.

_DSC3984 - Copy.jpg



When we saw this name on the map, we set the rout without any doubts. We fell in love with that beach, because of it's energy and the coast line, we were walking for 30 minutes and suddenly we saw a big banyan tree which was very unusual, but yet so interesting.

We sat on the branch and gazed at leaves, how they are playing with a sunset light and the waves were playing their own music, felt like we are part of the nature, everything became so close to us. Amazing place were to spend some time with yourself.


Unfortunately, we didn't take any pictures, because the batteries for Sony camera are not that strong,but before that, we had time to take some pictures on our bike, so we did, hahaha.

_DSC4073 - Copy.jpg

_DSC4098 - Copy.jpg


Guys, this place is a MUST HAVE in you bucket list. This fort was built in 16th century by Marathas , captured by Portuguese in 1746, then returned to people and captured again by the British in 1765. Very massive place and in touch with the nature it seems like art now. I wonder how beautiful it is there during the monsoon season, when everything starts to bloom and becomes more green.




This was a short story of our small sightseeing in Goa. We still have one week to go and so much things to do and to see, so stay tuned for next posts! Lots of love to you!




Wow I am your mega fan guys, spm fascianate, motivate me and inspire me to live life to the fullest, that is, you know the meaning of living. I love them without knowing them

Travelling to new places, discovering new culture, new people, traditions seems a lot intresting, hope you have enjoyed there and I hope you loved their culture. The beaches are the places to realax you body as well as soul, and Goa has got numerous of them. Hope you loved being their. The muncipal market seems old and antique and the beaches full of nature.

Visit the 3 Kings Church if you still have time

That last photo is amazing... where was that? The tree growing out of the window is impressive! I love the photos of the market, too, with all those bright, vibrant colors. That sort of reminds me of the markets I used to go to when I lived in southern Spain. Fresh produce, colors, and a vibrant atmosphere!

Nice work!

nice pictures, especially the one with the roots from the tree groving down on the wall. It reminds me of a miniature Angkor wat, its amazing to see the power of nature in that way, its all about surviving no matter what. you got my upvote and following 😄 🌺☮️❤️

Amazing! You folks sure seem to have found the secret to enjoying life. Great photos. Thanks for sharing! God bless...

Always heard about GOA from my indian friends seems like a really cool fun place to be at thru those pictures you draw a beautiful picture i will go there one day.

Thank you, friend!
Hopefully, your dream will come true! It's totally worth it!

I just give a title for your post, i hope you dont mind . The title about me is "Amazing couple by amazing travel for amazing place with amazing romanticly moment". Its very nice for me, if i have moment like this i will bring my wife here too. Thanks for inspiring me mr. @extremeromance.

Thanks Mr. @yangoldberg to your appreciation. I just have followed you. If you dont mind please accepted. Thanks. My Greet From Indonesia.

It is nice to see the well known places!
How I wanted to rent Enfield bike. But in vain((
We made our trip using old scooters and had some trouble... but we liked Goa very much

I really like the beautiful coastal adventure and also with the Indian market so good your trip may be very fun

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