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Leaving Goa

Our lovely spent time in Goa has ended. One month of beautiful beaches, people and energy was enough to change our minds about life in general, I can tell that we are definitely coming back to Goa one day for sure!


Just few words about leaving Goa and being on the track again.

  1. We understood that we are addicted to fruits now. One day without them feels like the worst day ever, hahah. Yeah, we got used to them.
  2. The skin felt so good in Goa because of high humidity.
  3. Being back in the heat, feels a bit weird, and the thought that you cannot swim in the sea whenever you want to chill, is sad :D
  4. Goa has changed us in a better way, like opened our minds to understand that everything is possible.


Now it’s time to move on and see more of fascinating India.


We chose the city called Hampi, famous for its historic ruins and temples. We bought train tickets to Hampi for 1 200 rupees (both) and spent 9 hours on the train from Vasko da Gama to Hampi in Karnataka state.



We were lucky with our tuk-tuk driver, because as soon we left the train he came to us and asked where we want to get. The man was very kind and offered us tuk-tuk for 250 rupees to get to Hampi center (30 minutes ride).
He suggested a guest house where we can stay and have a nice lunch...we were starving and now you can imagine how fast we agreed to go with him.

First Impression of Hampi

When we finally had our lunch we were extremely happy and excited to go sightseeing before the sunset. It was the golden hour and I was dreaming to see it one day, because India’s sunsets are incredible.



I took my camera and went for the first shots. Guys, it was amazing. The first impression wasn’t broken and the sun was 1,5 hours away from the horizon and colors were so warm and orange-ish, silence...there were no cars or any other disturbing noises only kids playing cricket and prayer coming from speakers, well, I would like to say that it was a wonderful composition.


We went to see the main temple in Hampi - Shivas temple.

In general, Shivas temple was not so impressive as the ruins nearby.


The big rocks and old columns were impressive in the light of the sunset. It was so enjoyable to take pictures that evening, like all my chakras opened just for photography. When it became a bit dark I could play with silhouettes while Yan was wandering around and telling me where could be a nice shot, my personal assistant, hahah :)


Ruins of the time

The next morning we begun with switching off the alarm clock which was set on 5:30. Why so early? Because of the heat, which becomes unbearable around 11 am and the light for photography is the best 2 hours after the sunrise.

So at 6 am we were at the ruins to shoot some videos. Need to mention, that the life is beginning at 6 am and the weather was very comfortable.





After ruins we went to see orher ruins,haha, this is what Hampi is about.

Achyutaraya temple complex

It was really incredible! When we saw first temples we thought what a silence, nobody was there and we could feel the peace and beauty coming out. The place was quite massive and as soon as we got there we were speechless! All the buildings were from 16th century and every single stone was carved by hands and we can only wonder how long did it take to make them.





Vitthala Temple Complex

When we took a lot of pictures we decided to go to another temple called Vitthala Temple complex. Unfortunately the entrance wasn’t free and we didn’t want to spend 500 rupees for visiting while citizens of India pays only 30 rupees :D But definitely that place was worth visiting because of singing columns. Probably, we will visit them next time.


The heat wave slowly took us over and we went back to our guest house to have a lunch and a bit of siesta.

By the way, we were walking from one temple to other. No need to take tuk-tuk and overpay, but only in that case if you like walking and have an good amount of water with yourself. 7 km took us to see the nearest ruins.


Around 4 pm we were ready to take rickshaw and go to other temples, which were about 3 km from us.

!!! There is a possibility to take rickshaw for whole day, it costs about 800 rupees and the driver takes you to all temples and waits for you as long as you need.

The temples we saw weren’t so surprising as the previous ones. Probably, the first impression was too good and we started to compare.

Anyways, very nice experience and still one day ahead, need to explore the other side of the river and about that we are preparing one more post! Stay tuned :)


Guys, we want to thank each of who reads our posts and sending a big hug to everyone who leaves such a nice feedback! That's an inspiration for us and we are ready to share more with you!



Extreme Romance


Wow, some amazing writing there about your incredible time, and those pictures! Oh my goodness they are sublime! It looks stunning, those old ruins are so cool. My favourite picture is the silhouette of the tree with the purple sky, that is beautiful:) really great photography there:) I think you have made me really want to visit goa and India! I’m in China at the moment, heading to Indonesia in June, maybe I’ll hit India in August:)
Peace to both of you, love the post :) keep on lovin life and enjoying every experience along the way x

Thanks for your great comment! We are so glad that you liked our post, stay tuned for more :) If you haven't been to India yet, then you totally should.. Such a variety of everything.

Thanks, and no worries :) yes it was awesome! I’ll be staying tuned for sure, it’s great to see people having amazing times and life experiences that can never be replaced :) enjoy everything!

All your photos are amazing. I mean all of them. I want to learn from you to take better photos. Thanks.

That looks like an amazing place to be, from a photography and history point of view! All that amazing old architecture... You found some nice spots for portraits, too!

The Shivas temple is fascinating. Can you climb to the top? Is it one big room? The top would be a great place to take in the countryside.

Well, if you really want to trespass then probably you could climb to the top, but otherwise i don't think they would be happy about it :)

@extremeromance I hope you guys had a great time there in goa it's very beautiful place... stay blessed and enjoy each and every moment of life tc :)

Thank you! Stay blessed too. We definitely trying to enjoy life as much as possible and we hope that you're doing it too :)

beautiful pics and really different place from the west

I know u enjoy goa a lot. This is true that everyone wants to come goa. Goa one of tge best beautiful place in india. Now your move for Karnataka is good. Karnataka have a lot of things including sillicon valley of india.Hampi is historical place and i know you like ite very much. There is a lot of things more in south you can explore. Thanks for share us. We welcome you in India

Thank you for your comment! So far, we've been enjoying south India very much and there's still plenty of time left to explore even more!

beautiful place, that transmits a load of energy so strong that when we look we feel different, full of a positive vibration, to be able to contemplate such a majestic place, to see it is to want to return, incredible photos thanks for sharing them

We are very glad you like our post! Yes, places like that definitely make you want to come back. Stay tuned for more, we will keep sharing all the wonderful places we visit.

Hampi라는 곳을 이 글을 통해서 처음 봤는데, 사진으로만 봐서는 마치 고대 도시를 돌아다니고 있는 듯한 느낌을 받네요. 정말 이뻐요 ! :)

this is an interesting journey moment for us follow the trail. if I have time. surely I will go there to enjoy my vacation there. maybe this is a moment of your journey that you can not forget just so. this become sebuh a good story. my @arisviyo steemit from indonesia. your help on how many posts I have in my activities to do the promo-steem to the community. i support @steem-ambassador. thank you. hope you success always.

Thanks! We truly hope that you will get to explore this part of India. It's very beautiful here!

india is indeed a beautiful city and a lot of history. i will definitely go there to enjoy directly to the land there. if i go there i will be your friends.

Thank you for the tour and lovely pics. I like to explore old temples and ruins, always interesting.


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