Wadi Rum….Timeless Splendor

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 Wadi Rum….Timeless Splendor

Wadi Rum Desert landscapes, where the deep red rocks seem to protrude seamlessly into the dark blue sky. It is a land of fascinating landscapes and timeless treasures. Known as the Valley of the Moon, this amazing valley is cut into the beautiful red sandstone and granite. Timeless splendor, level headed people, and amazing shades of Autumn greet you on your desert exploration. The harsh elements of this unforgiving desert eagerly awaits our arrival. The desert sand, so fine and red, blows almost continually. We don hats and wrap scarves around our heads for protection and head out to discover one of the most incredible places on earth. Come along with us, as we embark upon this incredible journey in the footsteps of Lawrence of Arabia.

Wadi Rum is filled with caves and deep red cliffs. Many of the rocks and caves have petroglyphs etched into the walls depicting a way of life from Talmudic times. The many etchings of both the people and animals allow us to piece together the fascinating history of Wadi Rum. Many of the unique formations have been given names. The most famous of the named rocks is “The Seven Pillars of Wisdom.” The beauty of the area is almost indescribable. 

Wadi Rum is home to the Zalabia Bedouin who have carved a way of life in this beautiful but unforgiving and harsh environment. Traditionally, the Bedouins are a nomadic group keeping donkeys, goats, and camels. These industrious people have began working with climbers, trekkers, and tourists, making this one of the most amazing eco-adventure locations in the world. Tourism is now their main source of income.

Who are the Zalabia Bedouins and how do they survive in a world so harsh?  They are resourceful, hospitable people who have made life simple and basic. They are a very unassuming people  with simple gestures, few words, and controlled emotions. They are extremely hospitable and tea is offered to us on many occasions. Come join us for a cup of tea in the Wadi Rum Desert! Truly, this is one of the priceless treasures of Jordan. 

The village of Wadi Rum is a small community made up of several hundred Bedouin inhabitants. Many live in  goat-hair tents and others have concrete houses. Most have four wheel vehicles to navigate the highway in the sand. Currently there is one school each, for boys and girls. There are a few basic shops, and the headquarters for the Desert Patrol can be found there. Life in Wadi Rum is sober, and basic. People spend their time enjoying each other and strong relationships are formed. Their energy goes to forging a better life for their families in one of the harshest environments on earth. What it lacks in the comforts of life, it makes up for in beauty. Electronics has not yet replaced people in this amazing desert. There is a strong bond, as each cares for the whole community. What a priceless society!

The Bedouins have have climbed and trekked these desert highways for generations. Many routes have, until recently, been lost due to lack of regular use. Just in recent years are they re-discovering those trails in the sandstone. Once again these almost hidden trails are coming back into full use, by the people who made them. If you are willing to give up a couple of hours of life in the comfort zone, then head on out and discover the world of the Wadi Rum Desert. 

 Credits:Tour Guide…..Ahmad Hussein

Tour Service….http://www.noahtours.com 

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Wow, very nice pictures.

very nice

People living the desert regions sure try a lot, i mean, how do they survive?! Simple and easy lifestyle i know, but, water? Heat? ! One question though, when are you gonna visit africa? :)

@davidthelad, their life is very simple. Like a lot of the world, they haul their water. The desert is so hot, over 120 degrees. We do hope to visit Africa some day.

:) youre always welcome! Nigeria , ghana, southafirca , kenya,

Beautiful rocks

@mgibson, those rocks were gorgeous.

Thanks God in My place there is no dessert. I can't imagine how hot it is. Btw, Nice post @exploretraveler. Thanks for sharing.

Your trip is so cool!
The picture is good :)

How different their life must be, without the benefit of modern conveniences to take away from their simple life. I cannot image their life, but, I would love to embrace their way for a time, to feel the freedom of where "having less is best"

Thank you for taking me here, a most interesting and beautiful country.

Upped and Steemed

I've been there before. Camped out a few nights in Wadi Rum. Great memories of it and the surrounding area. Thanks for sharing.

It looks amazing ! Jordan has alot of attractive places to visit and ancient too !

@marwa, yes, it is an amazing country.

Wow, The Wadi Rum is looking amazing. Thank you for sharing.

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