Travel items for the traveling blogger and photographer

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Our list of must have travel items for the traveling blogger and photographer. 

This list does contain links and will not take you into any affiliate program or other marketing ploys. This is just a few items to help take the serious blogger to the next level. 

We use all of these, and many more. Each month we try new software, apps, and more along the way. In the end less has always been best, and we keep things as light as possible. Our video creation and podcast list would make article too long, and we will create a post in the future.

Apple Iphone 7

We use this phone for tracking, photo's, podcasting, and tracking crypto prices on the go.

Apple Mac Computer

This laptop has a long lifespan, and has been able to withstand the harsh elements, and banging all along the way. It's great for creating video offline, and for photo selection from the camera.

Photo from

Joby Grip Tight

This is a very simple tool, and we use it for video, and for photo's taken from the phone.

Photo from

Sony A7+ Camera

We have the Sony A6 and the A7 and will never go back. They take great photographs, and have been able to survive all of our travels.

Photo from

Sony Lens 18 - 200 LE slide edition

We have recently invested in this new lens and our photographer @karengentry has given a great thumbs up, and her approval.

Mobile Apps for Travel

These apps we use allot for traveling both domestically and internationally. We have found that is always best to keep to a large chain when in cities, and build a very good long term relationship via a program. For example we might come out of the jungle and goto a Marriott brand hotel where we have platinum status. They will give us a room discount, room upgrade, quiet floor, and comes with free breakfast. Keep in mind to use your status matching over at Sheriton, Hilton and more. is great for finding a really good  deal, and you can buy gift cards with bitcoin, and use it on their website.




Alaska Airlines




National Car Rental

Crypto Travel Apps





shift card

Social Media






 If you have come from our website,

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  Helping bring the world together one friend at a time. So travel and discover that the world is full of wonderful people." - ExploreTraveler @exploretraveler 

We have a travel tip audio book that you can purchase at Audible --> Here

Happy Travels,

ExploreTraveler Team 

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Great post

Thank you @stevearticlepro

Thank you for the excellent post. Very informative.

Great tips here, would like to have that camera (Sony A7+ Camera).

@kerlund74 we have re-invested STEEM, SBD and BTC back into our gear. Slowly upgrading as time goes on. Thank you for your support.

That seems to cover the basics :)

Yes indeed @lakshmi sometimes simple is best. Thank you

@exploretraveler got you a $1.55 @minnowbooster upgoat, nice!
@exploretraveler got you a $1.55 @minnowbooster upgoat, nice! (Image:

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NIce Post as for camera gear i have the A6500 and an A7 on my wishlist :)

@tattoodjay We also have the A6 and still use it as well. It allows us to split up and cover more ground.

I love it for taking in on the train each day nice and light but one day I will have an A7 or A9 :)

Looking into the A9 and hope to test it soon.

let me know what you think although I will of course be so envious LOL

This post has received a 6.62 % upvote from @booster thanks to: @exploretraveler.

thanks for sharing. at least i will not lost it.
please follow me @waldan

Thanks @waldan

Thanks for the recommendations!

Your welcome @redhens

Just going through the list is enough motivation to explore. More enjoyment on your adventures

Thank you @greatness96 it's a fun list.

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Wedeww..thats quite expensive item 😁😁 but of course I would love to have one 😀😀

@rahmanovic Yes not cheap but with all of our earnings in crypto currencies we have been able to afford the equipment. We just keep earning here and other places and earn more bitcoin.

thats a good trick. I better work harder and earn some more to purchase those amazing stuff too :)