Things To Do In Lisbon

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 Things To Do In Lisbon

The 25 de Abril Bridge in the capital city of Lisbon Portugal is the longest suspension

 connect in Europe. 

 Things To Do In Lisbon

Exploring Lisbon Portugal

 Things To Do In Lisbon – Exploring Lisbon and the surrounding areas can bring a lot of enjoyment. It is getting off the beaten path, and looking into the shops where only locals go that really brings the concept of an old city to life. Having a glass of wine and some cheese out under the sun on a cool afternoon can be exciting, or taking a stroll along the streets while looking at something new. Lisbon can bring you to the past and future, all at the same time. With it’s community culture of friendliness, and good food along each street, the possibilities are endless. You will have a great time exploring Lisbon, no matter the season.

There are several great spots around the city where the views are magnificent, and where you can see whole areas of the city, even the whole city, if you are high enough. It’s important for us to try and see the details of a monument or or to view the details of the rooftops. Since architecture is built with real hands and hard work, we look toward the emotion of life within each image and try to tell a story. 

This view give’s us a tremendous amount of detail of both the old, and the new. Notice the different styles of tile used for the roofs of the different homes, and the elaborate terraces, found both on the rooftops and on the sides of the buildings. These rooftop terraces with the cool climate and peaceful mood of the city provides good ambiance, and some amazing views. The light in Lisbon always seems to be perfect for these spectacular terraces found on many homes, restaurants, and bars.  Enjoying the high and lofty terraces that are a way of life in Lisbon.

The City center of Lisbon has a mixture of old and new, and you will find very old architecture built within the city. Lisbon’s long history can be told in it’s architecture. The city dates back to the time of the Romans and the Moors. It has been a Christian Monarchy, a busy republic, and a complete dictatorship. In our time, it is the fascinating capital city of Portugal, where history is living and mingles with the present.

Transportation around the city can be arranged in many different ways, and you can choose what fits your own style. Lisbon has excellent subways, trams, trains, buses, and taxis. If you happen to buy a Lisboa Pass, all public transportation is free, including the underground Metro. 

The artwork of this woman carved within this monument in the city center helps tell the story of the people of Lisbon.

Notice the building sitting within the area of someones home here. Every day this family awakes to be within the old compound of antiquities. Maybe they understand what and where it is or maybe they don’t, but life continues, and new structures mix with the old.

Unique food abounds in Lisbon, and this fish dish with a different form of potato chip than what most are used too is delicious. Cod is often the fish used in making these fish dishes, though Cord fish is also used. This fresh Cod is especially good cooked with the local olive oil and a special local type of potato chip. This is authentic Portuguese cooking at it’s finest! 

 On the other side of the city is one of two Christ the Redeemer Monuments. This one was built after the one in Brazil was built. The monument shows the faith of the city. If you have time you can take an elevator and see the whole city of Lisbon on top. It’s a wonderful view, and well worth the time it takes to get there. 

Religion is a part of the human experience, and the Cathedral of Maria helps tell that story. Each edge of the building, and each person who lives around it give us a glimpse of the past within its walls and structure. 

Art within these churches tells us the ideas, and importance this area had to the people during a different time, and why others of faith flock to its walls to pray.

The candles of prayer represent the people’s thoughts, hope, and dreams being lifted up to their creator. 

The ancient old halls, and grotto’s hold those of the past within their caskets along each niche within its walls. The nitches are filled with the Saints of Old, their wisdom echoing through the halls. 

At the center of this church lies this ongoing excavation of past life that once lived here hundreds of years ago before the cathedral ever existed. As relics are discovered, and ancient rooms uncovered, the past is pieced together one brick at a time. 

Lisbon Tower or Torre Belem is a site to be seen, with it’s spectacular carved balconies and magnificent turrets. This once critical tower was the first line of protection as the ships began coming into the area of the city. What once was an island, now sits alone by the monument of the unknown soldier. 

Things To Do In Lisbon

The Adventure Continues

The Many Faces Of Lisbon Portugal

Vinho do Porto Wine From The Remote Vineyards Of The Douro Valley In Portugal  

Way up in Northeastern Portugal there is a region famous for its amazing wines. The upper Douro Valley has an amazing history in the production of Wine. Winemaking goes all the back to ancient time on the Iberian Peninsula, though it was not till after the middle part of the 17th Century that the Douro Valley came to produce what we know as Port Wine. In the year of 1386, the Valley began to be well known for it classic wines. 

 The triumphal stone Arch of the Arco da Rua Augusta in Lisbon Portugal

The Rua Augusta is built like a triumphal arch which connects two sides of a historical building in Lisbon on the Praça do Comércio. This spectacular arch commemorates the rebuilding of Lisbon after the 1755 earthquake and is adorned with many statues of famous and historical people. At the top of the arch is a coat of arms that represents glory, valor, and genius. Originally, the building included a bell tower that was redesigned as this magnificent arch a century later.  Like so many of the buildings in Lisbon, the architecture is exquisite. 

 Cycling Around Portugal Is A Unique Experience 

Portugal is amazingly rich in culture, history and tasty Portuguese food. There are many small amazing local cafes with some of the most astonishing food in all of Europe, and adds many things to do in Lisbon. 

A Street Artist And His Canvas In Lisbon

There are some amazing street artists in Lisbon. Street art is encouraged and was made a part of the city’s urban renewal project. Because of this, as well as painting their buildings very colorful, Lisbon has become the most colorful city in Europe.

 Statue Of King Jose I In Praca do Comercio  

This is a bronze statue commemorating the inauguration Of King Jose I in 1775 in Praca do Comercio.  The square is the greatest square in all of Portugal with buildings lining three sides. All the buildings are painted as they would have been at the time they were built. 

 The Top Of The Praça do Comércio Triumphal Arch In Rua Augusta Lisbon Portugal  

You can see the coat of arms for Portugal. The figures at the top represent glory, that follows valor and genius. 

One Of The Statues At The Praca do Comercio In Lisbon Portugal  

 Monastery Of São Vicente de Fora On The Top Of The Romantic Hills Of  Lisbon 

The Monastery of   São  Vicente de Fora means “Monastery of St. Vincent Outside the Walls.” This is a monastery and church from the 17th-century and is of extreme importance in Portugal even today. 

Love Locks In Miradouro da Senhora do Monte

This is the highest and most romantic lookout point over Lisbon and allows you to see for miles across the city. It is well known for its panoramic views of the city and it’s one of a kind sunsets. 

View of Almada On The Southern Tagus River 

This was the site of an ancient trade route used by the Phoenicians, Romans, and Moors in Portugal. 

 São Jorge Castle Is A Moorish Castle  

The castle overlooks Lisbon and the Tagus River.  The castle is a National Monument which occupies a special area of the old citadel. The grounds are an active archaeological dig and include the castle, as well as the remains of the former royal palace. The neighborhood surrounding the castle is for the wealthy and privileged class of the city.

Lisbon is an amazing and unique city among the cities of the world. If you are looking for adventure, you will find it in Lisbon. It is perhaps the most unusual city in all of Europe, due to its efforts in making sure that the past is never forgotten.  The past and the present seem to flow together in a seamless matter that has a freshness about it. On your next European adventure, be sure and include this rare and one of a kind city in your itinerary.

We hope you will enjoy this list of Things To Do In Lisbon and that it provides you with some useful insight into what we found and what you can also see and do while there. 

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