The Secret Mysteries Of The Ancient City Of Petra ~ Part 3

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 The Nabataean Amphitheater Of Petra

The spectacular amphitheater in Petra is amazing in it size, seating between 6,000-8,000 people. Can you imagine the excitement of the crowd as they watched events in this massive amphitheater? The amphitheater was built previous to the time of the Roman occupation of Petra. This very unique theater was carved into the sandstone rocks. The other unique thing about the theater is that it is surrounded by the tombs. Sitting at the bottom of a mountain called en-Nejr, it was uniquely built so as to see as many tombs as possible. It is at the theater that the valley begins to open up reveling the city when coming from the valley. The way it was cut into the tombs with deep fissures and ornate carvings it divided the theater into groups. It was even complete with tall towers looming overhead. 

So little information has been revealed as yet as to what they may have watched? Perhaps as the city is continued to be  dug out of the rubble more of the mysteries of Petra will be revealed. There is a stage floor , complete with a curtain that could be lowered through a slot at the beginning of a performance. This leads us to believe that it must have been more of a traditional theater for that time. Beneath the floor there are many store rooms  that were found.  These appeared to be very functional. There  was  even a marble statue of Hercules that could go up through the slot.  

This unique theater is still being discovered one piece at a time. So many mysteries are still hidden under the sand!

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beautiful photo scenery, and a very enjoyable trip.

Love it, travel and adventure.

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A very informative post with nice photography to boot. Thanks.

Beautiful historical place @exploretraveler to be visited by a traveller .

Very informative and interesting post. Thank you.

Nice photography and blog. Thanks.

I think I watched a documentary about this place.It's really fascinating when you think who could have built it and why? So many things we don't know about some places and people who used to live there, their lifestyle and beliefs. So so mysterious😊Thank you for sharing;)

There is also an area where the travelers would rest and spend their money called Little Petra. We also spent some time there with a knowledgable person, and learned allot. Thank you @damira for your support.

Wow!Sounds fascinating,especially if you are with a person who knows a lot about the place😎

it has always seemed strange to me to think of how these ancient cilivizations did to create such advanced structures, is it not strange?

Bro could you go trough my post? is about adventouring, you may like

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Great post really like the detailed and historical aspect of it. Can't wait for part 4! (; @exploretraveler
I also write about my travels check it out :)

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upvote and follow me @zalb together we can succeed and share interesting stories!

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An amazing piece of history, people built to last for many generations, wonder about our buildings that fall down of late.

Thanks much for posting this @exploretraveler. Spectacular stuff. I wanted more though. By the way, are they still excavating parts of the site?

In fact I admire your work thanks.

thanks for sharing, this is really an interesting info. i've never heard about it before.

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