The Sailfin Crested Water Dragon From The Rainforest Of The Philippines

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 The Sailfin Crested Water Dragon  

The Sailfin Crested Water Dragon, also called the Sailfin Crested Lizard, can only be found in the rainforests of The Philippines. There are actually three different species of this Sailfin Crested Lizard, one is only found in Indonesia, one can be found in both Indonesia and The Philippines, and this little fellow is found only in The Philippines. To the inexperienced eye, the three species are hard to tell apart. 

Another View Of The Sailfin Crested Water Dragon

In this view, you can see his fine facial features, wide alert eyes, and other delicate features of the face and neck. He also has a third eye on his back, while not really to see through, it senses motion. This Philippine lizard grows to about 3 1/2 feet long, with the male lizard having a colorful crest on his tail. The female is not as brightly crested and is usually smaller. The Sailfin Crested Water Dragon is one of the most colorful members of the lizard family. Especially the males will have deep colors of orange, yellow, green, black, and blue. The females will have more muted tones of these same colors. As a male ages, he also begins to sport tones of a deeper violet.

On your next visit to The Philippines, why not take time for a jungle trek? The jungle has many beautiful members of the animal, reptile, and bird families. Adventure is waiting in the jungles of The Philippines. Are you ready to explore this amazing Philippine treasure? Come see for yourself, the Sailfin Crested Water Dragon, the most colorful lizard in the world! 

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Amazing looking that dragon

Meeting this kind of animals in during trekking would be interesting. I have not gone trekking yet.. that would be fun.. read, upvoted, commented and resteemed by rubelynmacion

Thanks @rubelynmacion. It is an amazing experience.

Amazing shots! I love the purple color of scales of the second one. Are they poisonous?

Hi @exploretraveler. Do you like sports?

Not into them much, as we are always on the road or writing @souldelas.

Great post and thanks for this. Kryptonia id @grace234

Oh he is GORGEOUS!! Such a grand looking fellow indeed @exploretraveler :) I would LOVE to go on a jungle trek... there must be so many fascinating things to discover.

Thanks @jaynie. You would love it.

I am certain you are right! :)

Where specifically in the Philippines can I see this?

@abrahamcera, take a trek in the jungles of Leyte.

Thanks for sharing this information.@ofili2

What a beautiful little dragon @exploretraveler

Yes, they are gorgeous @joanstewart.

The dragon looks beautiful
The jungle is would be a nice place to visit
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Amazing photo, thanks for sharing

nice picture


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Wow.. i have never seen that before.. nice post <3 love it i want to have it as a pet

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Thank you this lovely post.

Philippines is a beautiful country but i dont like Sailfin Crested Water Dragon :(

@banditqueen, the lizard is harmless and beautiful.

hi @exploretraveler thank you for making this blog. Philippines is a wonderful tropical country, i hope you can blog some more beautiful beaches and people.
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