The Misty Jungle Trails Of Tainan Taiwan

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Mt. Dadongshan With It's Layer Of Midst Floating Through The Trees  

Amazing trees of all types are seen in this magnificent jungle with a layer of fine mist over the top. The unique way it intertwines through the jungle canopy, dropping lower where there are natural breaks. This mountain, filled with unique jungle trails, are most often covered in a fine thick midst. This is a perfect area to hike in, especially in the cool of the day. There are special points where you can see the sunrise. The trails are not to difficult and much of it is flat. 

Jiayi Dadongshan Forest Trail  is a relaxing climb on the mountain. The sunset can be seen quite clear from the viewing platform about half way up the mountain. Relax and enjoy the sea of moving clouds that engulf the mountain. This is a very cool area, so dress in layers. Wear sturdy hiking shoes. 

If you like to enjoy the simple pleasures of the fog, the beautiful clouds overhead, the ever changing mountain, and the simple life of Taiwan and it's people, then this a a perfect destination for you. The pleasures are simple, but beautiful. Grab your back pack and pack your passport, it's time to hike the mountain. 

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I used to live near a hill that would get low lying cloud over it on a rainy day. Always a beautiful scene.

Amazing scenery thanks for sharing. Looking forward on your next post.

So beautiful and I bet the temperature is cool in the clouds!

It is still tropi al, but it is cooler @mhm-philippines.

I live in the tropics, but move to much higher ground when it gets really hot.

wow nature and look like so cold on that place :)

It looks mysterious, but I bet hiking there would be one great experience! I might need thermals and layers of clothing though lol 😊

It is cooler, but it is still a tropical climate.

I wanna try hiking one day. My friend lose weight just hiking. Hehe. It must be cold in there looking at that thick fog. Thanks for sharing Sir @exploretraveler.
@avon.grace from Kryptonia

This is an amazing view. I love the misty atmosphere. Read, upvoted, commented and resteemed by rubelynmacion of krypto

love it..the place so cool

It is so beautiful there @jeanngonazles01.

lovely scenes always in love with your works keep up the good work ,,, from kryptonia @everdope

Amazing scene.. so naturally, hope I will be there oneday.. good posting, thanks for share it

Interesting! I hope I could visit this soon 💕

It is indeed very insteresting @iamrose99.

beautiful scenery and very natural .. a nice post...

Just looking at the photo already give me the chills. bet that is so cold up there with all that fogs surrounded the place.

I think it is colder, but not too cold.

Breathtaking. Curious if there is a dangerous posed by poisonous snakes.

It will surely one of the best adventure! Hope to try hiking someday. Thanks for sharing. 😊

You always have a great travel. Thank you for sharing with us.

nice but a little scary for me...o imagine snakes and other animals there lol...but i want to try hiking ever since and i want to experience seeing that kind of scenery...thank you for sharing....atleast i can travel around the world through your posts 😊😊😊 @jezz90krypto

Thank you, Kryptonia id @jamescrusader

I live in a high place, when it is winter I can enjoy very cloudy mornings like in that beautiful image. Kryptonia @bmejia

Thanks for sharing this interesting post. Krypto id @ofili2

It's looks magical

clouds are touching the trees, fascinating view.

from jason21 of kryptonia.

Beautiful scenery, something that only nature could offer.

Greet article ma'am :)

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