The Coming Spring of Maine USA

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With spring upon us with the northern United States it's time for us to prepare to capture some unique photography shots. Our return to the misty shore of Maine, and the sweet smell of Maine spring flowers are on their way. With the mixing of cold and new warm winds from the south we are greeted with the mysterious fog that comes in from ashore. Thunder storms will arrive soon, and the hard cool spring downpours will begin. This area of the north can have an abundance of storm conditions and this spring may bring more than usual.

The early morning fog rolls in on most mornings still, but some days can bring with it the blue skies northern Maine is famous for. Snow still dots the roadways until you get to the coast, and now the days are warming in rapid succession. We look forward to catching these glimpses of changes within this transition time, and hope to capture the sun along the way.

Getting the views through the misty days can be a challenge, but bring a silence peaceful view of the early morning. But soon these early days of spring will be behind, and open up the land to fields of sunflowers, and spring wildflowers as far as the eye can see. Animals now roam the fields and roadsides looking for food, and wild turkey's due their part to fill the silence with their afternoon gobbles. 

So enough we will have the flowers of spring/summer and ExploreTraveler will be there to capture this time period. So stay tuned, and watch our channel because allot of new material is planned for this year.

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I'm coming to you from Kryptonia. @riyuwe

Good job and wonders of creation.

spring is beautiful but our weather cant make up its mind.

superb travel post...i love travelling most

some wonderful pics !

great pictures!!!
thanks for sharing

It's 6am in my place right now. Just woke up and it was nice to see the photos in this post. I love the view of lighthouses and one of my favorite flowers is sunflower. I'm looking forward to your next posts in spring @exploretraveler. Thanks for this post. You made my day!

From Kryptonia @avon.grace

seeing those pictures I really would love to travel

very great pictures, from kryptonia @reatimtim

great article,One of my favorite flower sunflower, thank you sir for sharing this with us.
looking forward to your next post.
Kryptonia I'd duquejunalyn

so sweet, you have beautiful photos, keep it up @exploretraveler
Im come from kryptonia @ziggy

You've got the great shots..beautiful photos. thank you for sharing @exploretraveler

from jason21 of kryptonia

The wonders of the world are recorded in your blog. Thank for introducing us to these great wonders. Looking forward to your next travel. Read, upvoted, commented and resteemed by rubelynmacion of krypto

Good job and wonders of creation thanks for sharing

Kryptonia Id is reyneilsay

Wonderful pictures, especially the first one with frostwork! But it should be spring now! So cold outside, the sun is behind the thick clouds. But hopefully, the almond thee is already blooming.

This year was a hard winter for Maine and Alaska so we had no escape. But spring is here now, and we will capture photos from both as everything melts.

Nice photo and article. Thank you for sharing.
kryptonia id is marylizacaindoy

Reviving the land after a short sleep, always a magical time of the year @exploretraveler

Nice one, you are always on point. Keep it up.

Your posts are wonderful, always so interesting. Kryptonia id is @grace234

great post always keeping tab on your post ,, it always bring joy and happiness commenting on your post from kryptonia @everdope

Awesome photos sir although i have not gotten the chance to travel yet outside of my home country It is nice to see them in pictures. Thanks for sharing and stay aweeome. Kryptonia @ankarlie.

Nice post !
From kryptonia @bitcoinpaul

Fabulous images. All reflect cold in their own way. Lovely.

wonders of creation; great pictures @bmejia

Marvelous pictures and blog @exploretraveler. Kryptonia Id is floridagypsy.

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kryptonia @hokkaido

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kryptonia [email protected]

How does SPRING feels? Hahaha. I never experience it. I've traveled outside my country but not united states. I want to go there :(
By the way nice pictures that made me want to go to america.

The first pic of the post is marvelous, great post. @Dhaneshpk

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