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 Shihtiping,Taiwan: Stone Stairs Platform

Stone Stairs Platform or Shitiping, is one of Taiwan’s intriguing geological formations. Stone Stairs Platform is an amazing discovery along the Huatung coastal route. It lies just north of Kangkou Village at the 65 kilometer point on the coastal highway. 

Stone Stairs Platform, with its boulders that protrude out to sea, create small coastal mini bays. The Platform has the appearance of a set of stairs, irregular in length, that beacon the explorer to discover the sea beyond.

The uniqueness of Stone Stairs Platform is further assisted by the native coral beds that attach themselves to the protruding boulders. Along the top and sides of the coral you find vegetation growing and flourishing. At the end of this platform of stone stairs is the river mouth of the Siukuwan River. It is here that the Siukuwan River empties into the mighty Pacific.Stone Stairs Platform is now the site of a modern fishing pier. The abundant schools of fish, including lobster, make the pier a favorite fishing spot for locals and tourists alike. 

As you continue north on the beach, you will discover a huge hole within the rock wall itself. Another geological wonder on the eastern coast of Taiwan! Centuries of constant pounding of the ocean waves created this amazing hole. Now the hole protects picnickers from the hot sun and gives the wearied traveler a resting place. There is also a stone monument dedicated to the many workers who perished during the construction of the road.

The Visitor Center at Stone Stairs Platform is full of explanations and vivid illustrations of the local area and it’s sea life. The center is very educational and interesting to inquiring minds. In the park area, the Scenic Administration runs a campground with raised platforms that face out to sea. There are hot showers in the evening hours and toilets are on site. Check in is at the Visitors Center. Sea Fan Guesthouse is at the start of the park. The guesthouse has small furnished rooms with views of the ocean. The sea-facing rooms look north at miles of undeveloped coastline and blue ocean. There are also rooms that look toward the mountain. Meals are provided locally. Mr. Wang is your pleasant host at this boutique hotel. The hotel phone number for making reservations is: 03-878-1828.

 The Chinese website is: 

Shitiping Visitors Center is open daily from 9 am to 5 pm. The telephone number for making camping reservations is: 03-878-1452. 

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Great place of taiwan

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Thanks for sharing.

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I was imagining how the rocks give shelter to the travelers. I am curious how does it looks like. Read, upvoted, commented and resteemed by rubelynmacion of krypto

sea is the best place to relax, nice travel.
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Taiwan is a place I might get to and I would love to see that coast. I'm landlocked in Bangkok right now and surely missing the sea.

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Thanks @fitinfun. Taiwan is a beautiful island to travel on.

Great post, very beautiful place. Thanks for sharing

I was imagining our very own rock formation in Basey Samar Kaluwayan Resort in particular where in there is also a small cave where people can rest. These very cave is where people stayed and was saved during the very strong Typhoon Haiyan.

Wow, you should share on that wilsonblue5. Were you there? We were in Hsinchu.

I was not there during the devastation of Typhoon @exploretraveler. I flew to manila a day before that for an even so I was blessed enough to be spared by that S Typhoon but I heard this story where people hid in that cave from the residence there when we had our aftermath relief operation. The cave was just a couple meters a way from the seashore but it was dry during the typhoon so people inside was safe. God protected them!

That is a marvelous story @wilsonblue5. YHVH God is good and He cares for all His creatures.

Amen! He always protects. Sweet God we serve!

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