Southern Taitung, Taiwan

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 Stormy ocean in the butterfly-filled forest mountains of

Taitung, Taiwan  

Taitung faces the coastal areas and is surrounded by the mountains of Southern Taiwan. Here is a land so rich in ecological events, and loaded with scenic beauty. The mountains are full of tropical beauty, amazing shades of green, and a vast amount of birds and animals who call this area home . This is a rare land that is blessed with mountain richness and coastal displays of beauty and power. Welcome to Southern Taiwan. 

The Mountains Of Southern Taiwan

The many mountains of Southern Taiwan are filled with butterflies and the sounds of the indigenous tribes.  Taiwan is known for a rich and deep tribal culture. It is both authentic and diverse. More than seven tribes call this area of Taiwan home. A journey through these unique mountains is life changing and amazing. It will  be rich in history and culture, full of diversity, and festivals of culture, dance, and music. Each of these Southern Tribes has it's own way of life and they are ready to share it with you.  A trek through these mountains is a life changing experience.  You will delight in the simple things, and marvel at the depth and richness of each tribe.

 Bamboo Cannon Demonstration By The  Indigenous Peoples Of Taiwan 

 The Paiwan Tribal Music In Taitung Taiwan

The many native artisans, musicians,local cooks, and cultural leaders all invite you to join them in Taitung, Taiwan.  Take a journey into Taiwan's past, experience it's many cultures, and get to know the people who call it home. All this and more is waiting in Taitung, Taiwan. 

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wow looks like it's a interesting place, thanks
have a nice day

Cada país nos ofrece una variedad de lugares y gente maravillosa que conocer y aprender in poco de ellos, @exploretraveler

Wow I had no idea Taiwan had indigenous tribes. I've always wanted to travel there for the nature aspect but this draws me there even more.

WOW!!! I love storms like that - right up my ally :) Is that girl playing that flute type instrument with her nose? Thats really interesting :) The colors of their costumes are so bright and refreshing!! Thanks for sharing .. I look forward to these posts every day!! SUNSHINE247

Beautiful post and resteem

Nice travel. Wanna explore that place. Thanks for the interesting post.

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