Shopping In The Open Air Mall In Jerusalem Israel

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 Shopping At Alrov Mamilla Avenue The Only Open Air Mall In Jerusalem Israel  

Shopping in Jerusalem is a fantastic experience! This is the only open air mall in the city and you will recognize many of the major high end chain stores as you wander through the crowds.  There are many unique stores to Israel and shopping is an exciting adventure. While many are names you will recognize, just as many are stores that are found only in the Middle East. If you enjoy shopping, this is an amazing opportunity to see many stores in a smaller space. Shopping in the mall is unique and enjoyable. 

The open air mall at Alroy Mamilla Avenue in Jerusalem will provide hours of exploration in the land of shopping. So while you are traveling through the city of Jerusalem, why not make time to discover the mall. It is  a shopping adventure waiting to happen.

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Wow! Open air mall would be nice! Usually here in the Philippines it is closed because of the air-conditioning system inside the mall, or else it would be boiling hot! The only open-air mall I know of here is SM Baguio, since Baguio is cooler than the rest of the country, and they don't need air-con. Hehe! 😊

Thank you for taking us to Jerusalem, for free! 😂😂

Stunning photo..jerusalem is a huge dream place...

The atmosphere around there is filled with fun,i hope you enjoyed exploring this awesome city

I will take history over shopping .
Kryptonia @nexit

This is nice! Jerusalem has lots of history attached to it, I'll love to visit the great city someday.

This another fun experience. Shopping is one of the exciting and fun activity.

Looks like a very nice place. Never been there but maybe in the future. Thnx for sharing. Followed and upvoted

Nice city Jerusalem.Happy Traveling dear.

Absolutamente fascinante. @bon-nom

Que gran experiencia!!!@xintoe

Photography must be is expressed by it ,,
Shopping in Jerusalem is a fantastic experience!
I wanna want to give a trail..were you buy something?

It seems you enjoyed your visit of isreal....jerusalem seems lovely...

this place is amazing, the architecture is so different from what I know, it is really enigma of Jerusalem, every day I am surprised knowing that there are places like this, greetings

I'd love to visit this place in the future.. Hopefully one in my.bucket list..

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Wonderful post, I like it

Exiciting post.

Looks so clean and peaceful.

it's a very peaceful and clean shopping place.
I am interested to see it.

The place is so cool, I wish I go there for nice shopping

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the photos are perfectly captured. nice. thanks for sharing this.

Those are very impressive structures! Would love to visit there someday. 😍 We also have an open-air mall here in the Philippines. You can check the SM in Baguio City if ever you visit Philippines again. Thanks for the trip to Jerusalem, sir @exploretraveler. 😁

Everyone would be happy to go shopping and holidays let alone there are unique stores like in yerussalem
I like the city of yerussalem.

A little more effort in your blog post will create better content value. A bit lazy there.

Nice post @exploretraveler
Upvoted from kryptonia.

Amazing photo and post :)