Sailfin Dragon Lizards From The Philippines

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 Sailfin Dragon Lizards  are perhaps  the most spectacular lizards in the jungle. They are by far the most beautiful. Sailfin Dragon Lizards are stoutly built. They are sturdy! They are fast and busy! It is not unusual for them to reach  over 3 feet in length.  Male Sailfin Dragon Lizards  have amazing huge crests along the back and tail.  These crests are clothed in several shades of green, neon purple, and red-tinted bluish-purple. What amazing colors they have! Can you imagine trekking in the Philippine jungle? Think about watching as they scurry through the trees? Is there any other lizard on earth clothed in such finery?

Trekking the coastal marshes and riverside jungle forests is one of the amazing opportunities in The Philippines. These coastal marshes are a touch of paradise. No one knows what you will see. Each visit is unique!   These beautiful lizards are not harmful!  Nothing compares with watching them in their natural environment.  Sailfin Dragon Lizards are high-strung, dynamic, and enthusiastic. Their capers are amazing. They carry on more than a monkey. What fun they are to watch! They are diligent, intense and always busy. They are excitable! They are restless and impatient. Watching them is one of the rare privileges  of jungle trekking. Can you imagine such wondrous elegance in a lizard? If you have never taken time to trek through the jungles, you are missing a rare treat! 

Not only will you see Sailfin Dragon Lizards, but parrots calling out to each other. The beautiful Macaw can be found in this jungle squawking up a storm. The Macaw is majestic! It is clothed in splendor. You might see Lovebirds , Conures, or even a Cockatoo. These are the coastal marshes. They are teeming with life. Be still and listen! Monkeys hang from the canopy. They playfully entertain! Their antics astonish. Watch as they go frolicking through the trees. More than half of all the plants and animals in the world can be found here. Some of the best areas for jungle trekking are on the islands of Bohol, Mindanao, and Palawan. Much of the rainforest here is protected.  You will find many opportunities to hear and see the dynamic life of the riverside jungle. Explore the tropical rainforests! Delight yourself in nature! There are many competent guides. In their hands you will safely see animals you have only read about. Discover the unimaginable! In this tropical paradise you will hear the life of the rainforest. You will see the heartbeat of the jungle. 

If you have never been privileged to watch a Sailfin Dragon Lizard interact in his native environment, make it happen this year. Now is the time!  Make this the year you trek the vast coastal waterways of the islands of  Bohol, Mindanao, or Palawan.  Native guides are waiting to share the joys of these vast coastal marshes. Explore the rain-forest! There are so many animals to see! This is the Philippine jungle! It’s natural artistry is alluring! It will captivate your imagination. The Sailfin Dragon Lizard is calling…..can you hear him? Adventure beckons! Excitement is in the air!  Will this be the year you come? 

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