Photo of the Day ~ Timeless Splendor in the desert of Wadi Rum

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Ships Of The Desert

These camels are valuable members of the Royal Desert Forces. The  Bedouins saddle up their camels on a regular basis to reach those areas of the desert that are too remote for trucks and 4 X 4's to patrol. The camels are also often paraded around for tourists to enjoy. Anyone in the area that has a female camel that needs to be bred, may bring them by the Patrol Headquarters. This is a free service provided by the Royal Desert Forces for residents. 

The Royal Desert Forces is a part of the National Police Force and is made up of over 4,000 Bedouin members and their camels.  They regularly monitor and patrol this wide open desert with it's sparse population. These remote desert areas make up over 4/5 fifths of Jordan. 

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Nice post

good your post, hi.. im following you now. thanks you for information

Your welcome, and thank you @noahchasee for your comment.

Nice shot ^_^ This place is looking amazing

Spectacular! This is wonderful! I am so glad I found your stuff. Steemit is such a great place.

We really appreciate that. Thank you @ioanaaa

Amazing photographs

Looking forward to seeing more from you. Thanks @exploretraveler

Thanks for sharing - it's stunning.

Also thanks for the donation gesture. Fab idea!

Blessed Sunday ahead!

-ch @globocop

Thanks @globocop and Thank you for following without people like you we would not have done so well here.

Quality pays! :) Still working on a piece especially for minnow folks on how to make it biiiIIIIGGG here. You guys are an inspiration!

Stay Blessed!

Congratulations on your achievement @exploretraveler your doing great..godbless

Thank you! :D

Your welcome and we hope to share more with our followers.

So cool I'd love to go to Jordan one day. I've been all over the Middle East but it is the one place that has eluded me so far.

@agbaba you have to go and check it out. It's also lower cost, and allot of fun :-)

Really? That might need to be my next trip... I mean once I recover from Comic-Con ;)

Thanks for the sharing of sbd. One love

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Fantastic photography and great information, Steem up the good work !

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