Photo of the Day ~ The Lost City Of Petra In Jordan

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Journey Into The Lost City Of Petra In Jordan

Deep in the rugged pink sandstone hills, surrounding one of the harshest deserts in the world, you will find one of the Jewels of the ancient world. Welcome to Jordan and the unique city of Petra. Petra, with it's  rock-cut architecture, is magnificent. Built around the year of 300 BC by the Nabatean, Petra was the capital of the Kingdom of the Nabatean.  The only entrance into this mysterious city is a narrow opening in the rocks called "Al Siq." It takes a little less than an hour to walk into this amazing city. The first thing you see as you arrive is the Al Khazneh.  The temple is breathtaking with it's Greek architectural style for the facade.

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One of the world's classic sites and wonders. Peace

Nice material. More of this ancient stuff.

Wow incredible would love to visit :)

That picture is the perfect visual of all my childhood Indiana Jones fantasy. Love it! Thank you for sharing!

wow what a beautiful monument. love it shining and red stones.. thanks for sharing...

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followed you,if you want to know about (,please follow me

it's amazing,, I was drawn to that place. thank for information, you are great

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