Photo of the Day ~ The Bedouin culture of Petra

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A Bedouin And His Camels

The Nabataeans occupied Petra till the close of the Roman Empire. The Al B'doul tribe  is said to be among those descended from the Nabataeans, who built the city of Petra.  This Bedouin tribe, the Al B'doul, lived in Petra for more than 170 years. They built their lives among the tombs and caves, feeling a close attachment to the city. Some of the members of the tribe were relocated to a city built just for them near-by. Others in this tribe still lives in the ancient valley, clinging to traditional Dedouin life.  The B'doul are making a humble living by going to the Petra daily and acting as guides for the many tourists. They provide history and local color, traditional music and live entertainment. They even provide the camels and donkeys for transportation to the top of the site. In the Bedonin tribes, a man and his camel are inseparable. 

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Always wanted to go to Petra, amazing.

@thinkit, it is a lovely adventure.

Love it! Nicely done photo as well!

Beautiful picture! It reminds me of a movie I saw recently: Theeb. It's an international independent film (Jordanian, I believe), about a young Bedouin boy traveling with his family as guides for a WWI soldier on a secret mission. Really captivating plot, a glimpse into an interesting culture, and the cinematography is beautiful. I highly recommend it. (Especially if you like Lawrence of Arabia!)

@abishai thank you for the tip, and compliment. We will check it out.

Interesting post and great photo. Maybe one day I will visit Petra.

If you can it is a great trip.

Great shot. Is that your wife on the camel?
Be safe, be well...

Such an amazing capture, keep working:)

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