Photo of the Day ~ The Ancient Nabataean City Of Petra

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 The Ancient Nabataean  City Of Petra In The Southern Jordanian  Governorate of Maan  

In Southwest Jordan you will find an amazing desert, colorful, extremly hot, with rugged mountains and deep canyons. Amid all this natural beauty you will find the city of Petra, built during the time of the Nabataean Kingdom between 100 B.C. to 106 A.D. For years Petra was a major trading center and capital city of the empire of the Nabataean people. Then for centuries it lay in ruin, empty, and forgotten. The city was lost for centuries. Now this beautiful hidden city is a UNESCO World Heritage Center. 

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What a stunning pic!


My pleasure

A wonderful publication Greetings to you I wish you a beautiful day

@tohamy7 thank you very much.

I just wanted to ask if it is lawful to publish this same article on your website and here too. I own a blog website and I needed to know if it is right to do double publication.

@richguy if you own the material then it is yours to do with what you want.

Oh snap! ... this is one of the seven wonder! and it's in my country ! go there guys you'll like it :)

@vertigo it's an amazing place at any time of the year. We love it in Jordan, and would love to return.

welcome any time :)

One of the most magical places we have ever been too! Beautiful pic!

A city built for the Nephlims

good post friends, friends please visit my blog I am a newcomer in steemit please help

Are many tourists who visit there @exploretraveler ??

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