Photo of the Day ~ The Amazing Ruins Of The Greco-Roman City Of Gerasa

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Jerash Is An Archaeology Site Of The Greco-Roman Ruins 

At Jerash the first thing you note is the condition of the ruins. What a marvelous site. The city of Gerasa was also called Antioch and is found in the North of Jordan.  This magnificent site shows the quality of the city. It is indeed the best of the Roman ruins we have seen outside of Italy.  You will find the ancient city among green hills and valleys filled with olive, plum, fig, and other fruit trees. This city was know for it's year around fresh water supply and as a bonus was set in a fertile valley. The city was destroyed and buried by an earthquake in 749 AD. The buried city was found in 1806 by an German explorer. 

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A historical site rich in the values of civilization. While writing this comment, I just returned from Borobudur temple in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, which also proves the richness of civilization of the past, long before Indonesia existed. I was reminded of Borobudur when I saw Jerash.
I'm waiting for a fuller story about Jerash on your next blog @exploretraveler. Thank you for sharing.

Best regards: @ayijufridar

This made me realize, that every empire will fall...

But this structure are very solid this was a long time ago an evidence of history, How great the engineers that time make us wonder.

great post , thank you

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I have voted for you can you vote my comment please .. Thank you dear in advance .

Thank you @chelsea20. Followed you.

Great post and photo

Thank you @patasieduagh.

It's very nice story ! Good luck 👍!

Many things the Romans left in the world

lovely shot..i just love it..thanks for sharing

Your welcome @rupaibabu.

I love this.Once i make enough money, then i'm going on a tour round the globe.

Why wait? Take smaller trips and pay for it with cryptocurency.

Thanks a lot for sharing @exploretraveler
I get more information about a place far from where i live.

Your welcome @bookrak.

This archaeological site is very beautiful .. Continue to show us the beauties to visit! I always follow you on Twitter!

Thank you @sardrt.

Wunderbar !

beside Petra, Jordan has this historical site. Love love love

Wow, thanks for sharing. Appreciate the history lesson with the picture

Allot of great history there. Thank you @steemlit

So beautiful , reminds me of my Roman history class from last semester :D

Hopefully it was mentioned :-) Thank you @journeyoflife

Exceptional post and narrative! Thank you for sharing.

You're welcome.

nice photo

Wow what a beautiful place, but I really wanted to thank you for constantly giving back to this community, your account is something to aspire toward.!

Beautiful historical site.

Another great post,looks an amazing place to visit

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Top-notch. Upvoted and resteeming :]

World is such an amazing place...

It amazes me how these sights are still standing. I hope and believe that they will be preserved and protected for generations to come.

Great, we can imagine how strong was this in the build. but have to face to the nature rule once it comes the time

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Amazing! I also like to travel.

Thank you for sharing such far away corner of globe - bringing them right to me here! I find it amazing that something of that age is still standing and in such amazing condition. I have often wondered how they navigated the architecture, without the help of modern equipment.

A wonderful post, as most of yours are. Thank you again.

Upvoted and Resteemed

Your welcome @dswigle.