Photo of the Day ~ Panaon Island In The Philippines

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  Panaon Island In Southern Leyte, Phillipines

Panaon Island is connected to the Island of Leyte by the WaWa Bridge. It is under this bridge that divers will find one of the most magnificent dive spots. If you like to dive, you will definitely want to check out this site. 

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Thanks @patasieduagh.

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Palm trees and sea..always must be a beautiful spot!!! :-))

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Pls check out on my blogs tnx...

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Nice photography. Shot well taken.

Thank you @shrivastava.sud.

Beautiful place and well caught click .

Thank you @fatimagull.

I have been thinking of how to enjoy my vacation, now I got it, with this travel tip I know am going to have the best travel ever. Thanks for sharing

Your welcome. @cutedicta. Enjoy your vacation.

Besides diving, what else can you do in this island?

@luxurywalker, this island has so much to do. Check out our website for lots of ideas. https://www.

Will do, cheers @exploretraveler

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Beautiful place, I really hope I'll be able to visit the Philippines some day.

My happy spot.

Enjoy your happy spot @solodadlikeaboss.

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Had a friend that went to the philipines it rained and him ans his companion helped pwople get inro shelter when major storm hit as trees fell and lightning struck and wind blew tremendoualy thank you for sharing someday i must go to the philipines

Your welcome @akaimyers.

Thank you for posting this beautiful picture I have up voted and am definitely looks like paradise.

Your welcome and thank you for your vote. Followed you.