Photo of the Day ~ Beautiful Jordanian Sunset

in travel •  2 years ago 

 Sunset over the mountains of Petra Jordan  

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nice photo

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woooooooow.....nice u post friend
very beautiful

by @fahrullah

What a beautiful sunset! Such a beautiful color!

Sunsets and sunrises are always beautiful , so much meaning and energy from it . Loved your travel today @exploretraveler

Such a great photo! Love it.

Hey thanks for posting guys, I'll be following and checking you out. I love photography and am wanting to produce great quality work here on steemit, let me know if you ever see any photo's you would like to share!

Such a glorious sunset love the way the light on each range of mountains is different s you look deeper into the image

Doesn't get much better

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Excellent sunset photo in Petra Jordan

I know you my friend, and you are awesome, i know that. !! @ronaldmcatee

Beautiful and Serene. Thank you @exploretraveler.

I can see why it won photo of the day. Great pic