Photo of the Day ~ Adventuring Into The Wadi Rum Desert Of Jordan

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Exploretraveler team members John Gentry and Elijah Gentry 

Exploring The Wadi Rum Desert

This astonishing Red Desert is surrounded by amazing red sandstone mountains and made complete with amazing canyons. Walking through the desert you will see nothing until you come upon a tent of friendly Bedouins inviting you to join them for tea. Jordan has amazing deserts and hidden cities!

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Hi @exploretraveler
Hmm, visiting the desert is challenging my imagination ;)

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Wow great!!

What a neat picture :) How far did you walk thru the desert? Do you remember how hot it was on that day? It is so wonderful that you are able to experience such amazing travels in your life .. I just love seeing your posts!!! SUNSHINE247

I live in Las Vegas so i dont think i would be interested in visiting another desert.
Im thinking a trip to Australia would be EPIC

Sounds like a great adventure!

Umm, isn't Australia mostly desert? 0_o

LOL i should have been more specific and mentioned i want to visit the beaches of Perth.

Your journey is amazing

Wow, Love to see the Beautiful Pictures of The Wadi Rum Desert. Have a Nice Trip...

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Great picture and full of adventure! Reminds me of Arizona ... : )

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Looks like Jordan will have to go on my list :)

Jordan coming into the Bucket List!

The Wadi Rum Desert Of Jordan. I like it. I want visit this place.

Must be tricky to cope with the hot and dry climate....

Bedouins can come in two varieties, as a group of people I knew found out; the nice, hospitable kind, and sand pirates incognito. Beware of which kind you dine with.

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