Netherlands Springtime Adventure

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There is something really nice about visiting the Netherlands in the spring, and the cool spring air mixing along with the new foliage is inspiring. As you walk along the the Amsterdam canals you see the tree’s decorating the roadways all along the way. Flowers are starting to bloom, and you know that the famous tulips will all be awake soon.

Tourists have not really started to pour in yet, and the streets are relativity quiet. Cafe’s have started to open outside, and the local pigeon population is scouring the narrow streets looking for a quick meal after a long winter. Flowers are continuing to bloom, and are making their way to the local hotels, and restaurants, and a happy feeling is always present while admiring their beauty.

Even with the spring showers hovering above the Amsterdam, Netherlands skyline the views, are a magnificent site. The old architecture mixed within the spring sky brings a refreshing photographic experience.

You can see how the colors of the city are illuminated via the warming sun can be a certain joy to the casual observer. The streets are alive once again with the smell of fresh bread as shoppers go about the day. The cheese shops known for their world renowned quality are once again open for business, and people can once again fly in and stock up on their favorite cheese.

Spring here can brings with it a certain amount of adventure, and exploration, and tourists, and locals alike will once again be out, and about visiting the City of Amsterdam, and other places of the Netherlands.

Taking a break to relax, and sip on some hot apple cider is always, and enjoyable experience. One must employ a certain amount of work life balance, and resting as you go does the trick.

So next time you have an opportunity to visit the Netherlands in spring consider it. The prices for tickets can sometimes be lower, and traffic from tourism is much lower. Hotel occupation is also lower unless you are close to the famous tulip fields around blooming time.

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Beautiful country. I will go back some day!

One of the places I would love to visit! Thank you.

From Kryptonia

Great photos! The pictures on their own invite to visit The Netherlands!

Thank you @zemilyt and we will share more over time.

greetings from kryptonia. @asfi

Been there last year in spring, very nice wheather.. :)

Thanks @razack-pulo spring and summers are very enjoyable in the Netherlands. Winters not so much.

Never been there in Winter, but summer I think is the same hot like in Indonesia..
Otherwise, I enjoyed snow when visiting Engelberg, Swiss in Spring :)

this travel posts are the best. images are perfectly captured. i love it.

That's looks wonderfull!

@pavonj from Kryptonia.

That's looks wonderfull!

@pavonj from Kryptonia.

Excellent place to visit. The Amsterdam canal is so clean and wide too. It is like it is properly decorated with trees and boats at the side. The view is magnificent too and so with the lovely flowers.

Tall buildings,beautiful city

Wow how beautiful, love all the photos.

Thank you very much @wfmkay we look forward to getting many more this yer, and sharing here on steemit.

What a beautiful city @exploretraveler. Nice photos.

I have a lot of admiration for this great work that you have been doing, the illustrations are also great, congratulations

What a beautiful post. I was on the Netherlands in the last 1970's and this takes me back there :)

Thank you for listing this task on Kryptonia.

Great post
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Lovely pictures looks captivating...

Anyone for coffee ?@bon-nom

Now I want to go on vacation!

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Hermoso lugar, las fotos parecen postales. Saludos desde Kryptonia.

Nice that Amsterdam is enjoying spring, here in Honduras we are having an incredibly hot summer.

We should be visiting Honduras later this year, and will get allot of photo's and videos to share her as well.

One off the Best and Nice Place for traveling in the world. @exploretraveler

I haven't been to Netherlands but looking at your pictures makes me want to go there in the future. :) You are amazing @exploretraveler . Thank you for sharing these :) @joancabz from kryptonia

***wow, Netherlands is a beautiful country. I am hoping someday i can visit this place. this is your friend from kryptonia Edenjevy C. Oliveros

amazing would love to visit one day

Thank you @umangkochar1996 We really like exploring the cities, and towns. Museums, and plenty of art and flowers.

Your posts always gives the intention to travel the world. Nice post.

Kryptonia @Hokkaido

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Netherlands Springtime Great Adventure. totally so knowledgeable post.

visiting from kryptonia/@kanyzone

Nice post, lovely pictures

AWESOME POST.. from kryptonia team :)

nice and beuatiful place

Amazing photography! Looks beautiful there!

wonderful pictures and post

this place is very beautiful i am waiting for the perfect time to visit that place.
this is your friend from kryptonia jenniecel oliveros

BEAUTIFUL COUntry to visit :) <3

Spring must be beautiful in Holland would love to see the tulips waking up from the long winter nights.

Cheese in each region has unique taste, loved your descriptive travel log thanks @exploretraveler

greetings from kryptonia

hopefully will visit there next year if all goes well..kryptonia id @psychkrhoz

Beautiful pics with good information, really enjoyed your post.

beautiful country

good nice place

Great travel @exploretraveler. Hope to visit this place someday. From jason21 of kryptonia

Awesome place..

wow... I'll dream of coming here., such a very beautiful place!

Upvoted from kryptonia @omobolaji

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