Hiking To Crystal Caves In The Sequoia National Park Of Northern California

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Hiking Up The Steep Rocky Slopes Of Marble Ridge To Crystal Caves

Crystal Caves is an elaborate treasure of spectacular Marble, streams filled with Quartz, and winter waterfalls frozen and filled to overflowing with dainty  ice cycles.  The caves and the surrounding area is filled with the treasures of nature. This is the home of magnificent diversity.  Here you will find enormous rugged mountains with rugged foothills spilling over to deep canyons. This is a year around California treasure that is waiting to be explored. 

Crystal Caves is only one part of the vast and beautiful Sequoia National Park. Crystal Caves is an underground treasure, while the ground above is home to some of the most magnificent old growth Sequoia Trees, a vast network of trails, and as a bonus, you will find in park lodging. It is also home to the General Sherman Tree which towers over this gigantic Old Growth Forest.  

 Curtains Of Icicle Stalactites At Crystal Cave In Sequoia National Park  

 An Unique Look Of Geology In Action At Crystal Cave 

 Quartz Adorns The Polished And Spectacular Marble Stream In Crystal Cave

 Exploring The Cool Wet Formations In Crystal Caves

 Wuksachi Lodge In The Heart Of Sequoia National Park  

Can you dream of a nicer place to stay? Think of the wind blowing through the canopy above, and the healthy brisk air to help you sleep. This is paradise in the National Park. 

 General Sherman Giant Sequoia is the largest living tree on Earth!  

Just to see this gorgeous living tree in the forest is the highlight of any forest exploration. 

 The Grand Beauty And Fragrance Of The Cinnamon-Colored Bark Of A Giant Sequoia 

Here is a video of the "Giant Sequoia Tree's" and the inside of the caves.

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="

" frameborder="0" gesture="media" allow="encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>

If you love nature, enjoying hiking, and discovering the hidden treasures of ancient caves, magnificent Old Growth Forests, pristine lakes, and healthy air, you will find it all in the Sequoia National Forest in Northern California. 


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Really a very nice Post and amazing Pictures 👍

Very nice pictures. You must have have a blast! Hiking is never boring in such beautiful places.


you are right. These images are beautiful and attractive. this place is amazing. Images of plants, caves and nature is awesome. he done great job.


Nice photos!

Oh man I love the mountains of California I grew up hicking that area never got to the crystal caves that is awesome I need to visit there with my daughter


Thank you @allowisticartist and we added a small movie on the end.

Stay safe is it a guided tour


Thanks @rebeccabe no we camped, hiked, climbed and drove to all of the locations for almost a week.

How i miss the days when i used to go camping. Lately, the only nature i get is watering my cactus plant.


@flashfiction, it is never too late too embark on a new journey in life.

This is beautiful! Thank you for sharing. I hope someday to blessed with some travel adventures.

ohhh my God what a beautiful park it is!!! Its really amazing to see.... thanks man for sharing this with us....

This National Park is awesome!!, i also will write some post from my last year trip :D

Wonderful blog-post! Really enjoy your content.

@exploretraveler It's a natural one that that make a gorgeous trees ever, all like as matching with you.


@exploretraveler Yeah really enjoyed, thanks.

Wow, seeing your post really makes me miss living in NC. The redwoods are so amazing its just people need to do more to protect places like this from disappearing.

I went to a similar crystal cave in Tasmania and it was really beautiful, thanks for sharing!👏🏻

Amazing nature, I love going inside cable and discovering them! Looks like you had a great time there


It was a marvelous adventure @peterveronika.

Our National Parks really offer peace, tranquility, and bring harmony to ourselves. When life gets stressful there is no better way to relieve stress than spending some time with nature's beauty. Great photographs. Thank you for sharing this adventure with us.


Couldn't agree more. I've visited Yosemite National Park and Olympic National Park so far and these pictures might've moved the Sequoia National Park up the list for our next excursion.

From my limited experience, I just find that each park has something different to offer visitors and makes each one that much more enjoyable.


nice one, was it a go pro yo were using, the video is good.

Stay safe is it a guided tour keep it up @exploretraveler


You can join a tour or explore on your own @myeasin.

Wow OMG that Giant Sequoia --General Sherman!

I really prefer the sequoias over the caves... xD

Who here agrees with me?


Very much! Those are a blessing of a tree! Good that you have them and appreciate them so much. Come to think of it, the spirit of it resembles the relationship Sindarin/Silvan Elves had with Mallorn Trees in The Lord of the Rings... 😇🙏🌲🌳

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the place is amazing @exploretraveler


@exploretraveler this place is truly magical. I've been lucky enough to have been there :) Best wishes to you.

This is awesome! I'm actually headed there this weekend. Thank you for the share, i'll have to check out the caves


Enjoy your weekend @smcp.

I have never seen gigant trees.....I hope some day :-)


They are wonderful to see @arx27.

I would go bananas if I was there taking pictures !!! Very freaking cool !!!


Hey awesome pictures! Looks like a fun trip.

Amazing! I was just down in Mexico and saw a relative of the redwood called El Tule. Huge tree as well. Looked like a cross between a redwood and a gnarly oak. Love me some trees!

WoW! Awesome Place and Great experience...


Thanks for reading @manzon.

@exploretraveler The scenery was so amazing, I really liked it

Looks beautiful, visited some similar cave systems in Mexico!


Thanks for reading @madslaine.

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Look who is back! I'm pleased that this post is going well, you deserve it.
Your life looks like a big adventure ^^

Nice post, I'm trying to do a blog of australia but the trouble is. That was a while ago so I can't exactly do it day by day or week by week even.

Perhaps I could do it by locations/places?


Thank you for reading @tomatom. Hope you enjoyed.

this is beautiful. thank you for sharing

Amazing photos. very good post Congrats!

This is showcasing God's wonder-full works. See how great his works are.
#STEEMHIGHER @exploretraveler



Yes, he is the master designer @praise-eu.

Ohh ! what a beautiful share @exploretraveler
I love mountains and caves.you made me remind my old tour.
I never gone for hiking but i want to do it and you made me to do that.
Looking forward to you posts , thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures.

Good information sir

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Nice post my friend.

I like your posts friend @exploretraveler. I hope we can help in this steemit.

Please support my friends !!!
Let's look my post https://steemit.com/photo/@abelanar11/first-day-of-winter-2017127t143513500z

Great post, I love really old trees...if only they could talk.

@exploretraveler this post is very useful for people who are nature lovers, a lot of information that gives motivation especially for me personally who just got to know steemit. even I like with your trip occasionally I think want kesna. I have voted and followed your blog and I love it

Man I love caving. Nice post! We recently went on a caving expedition in Italy and we made a video. Maybe I should make a post too! Here's the video if anyone is interested:


Thanks for reading @riqz.

What a fantastic trip shared perfectly. Our world is indeed an amazing place; just a shame governments and big corporations don't value it more above profit eh?! I am into spiritual stuff including crystals so would truly love to visit this unique wonder. New here I have upvoted and followed and invite you (all) to pop by mine and see if my message resonates... Happy traveling xox

Osome post thanks for share

I always get excited when I see your posts. Hiking is my passion also. Love your photos. Keep it up👌


To explore is what I cherish (smiles)

wow. great place. nice images and description. best travelling post.

This is amazing. Thank you @exploretraveler for sharing

Wow this is awsome. Just get inspired by this sort of post!!! Check my blog and follow me up :)

I've never been to California, but I imagined exactly such landscapes every time I read Jack London's books, especially The Valley of the Moon. Thank you for bringing a piece of fantasy into reality.

hermosas fotos, me transporto con la imaginación al lugar descrito. Es relajante estar en un lugar así, parado al lado de este arbol. Ley algo sobre el que me llamó la atención. Su sistema de raíces subterráneas la secoya tiene una red plana de raíces que puede abarcar entre una hectárea y una hectárea y media. Este enorme sistema de raíces y por eso tiene un anclaje muy sólido, incluso en caso de inundaciones y fuertes vientos. Una secoya hasta puede soportar un fuerte terremoto.
toda la naturaleza habla de lo impresionantemente inteligente que es el creador; para muestra un botón: La impresionante sequoia.


Thank you for reading @nellita66.

Absolutely stunning post. Loved reading .
Regards Nainaz

nice cave....amazing photography..
thank's for sharing....


You are so lucky......by the way...photos are so realistic ....

Amazing and beautiful images. Nice place

Gorgeous photos! 😍😱

I finally founded on travel account... I follow you! Nice content !

Driving down to Cali this week, it's a bit cold already however you inspired me to stop by there! Nice picks! Up-voted and loved! @originalworks


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wow! amazing place, need to visit it :)


This post has received gratitude of 16.07 % from @appreciator thanks to: @exploretraveler.

Wow, this really looks like out of this world! :) I love caves as they make your inner child feel like discovering a magical area where you can find lots of treasures and magical creatures :D
Thank you for sharing! I guess I really should visit one of the beautiful caves here soon! Inspired me a lot, thanks! :)

This is amazing, I thought the largest tree on earth was found int he Amazon!!!

Love this !! Looking to start traveling more

why do not i have much, please help me https://steemit.com/@munirpriawan

I don't get how people can go exploring in caves without fearing thee unknown. I mean don't people remember that dragons be hiding in there man? Besides that great photos of everything else cause I could see myself camping out there. I wonder what the super moon looked like from there.

Check out my super moon catch from NYC: https://steemit.com/photography/@antoniowestley/my-super-moon-shot-from-nyc


The caves in the North are pretty tame and safe @antoniowestley.

nice post like my post pliszzz @exploretraveler



Thank you for reading @jadeturf.

Buen imagen amigo.

Great post and great photos! You have my support also, I would love if you could check out my profile :)

I love the Sequoia national park!


Yes, @dubvdave, it is awesome.

I'm definitely adding Sequoia National Forest to my bucket list

Wonderful photos. You had such an adventure for sure. 🙂


Thank you @happyfree.

Its really amazing to see.... thanks man for sharing this with us.<3


Thnks yuu :)

This is nice and the pictures is awesome

Wonderful impressions.
The crystal cave is really impressing! :)

How beautiful planet earth is, created by the one and only!
Have a nice weekend :)

Gotta love the Sequoia outdoors. Everyone should at least get away city-life and enjoy mother nature.


Our team would agree @kevvy.

you hikers are really brave....


We are not brave @joeycrack, we just love the journey.

God, I have got to visit here! Looks like an amazing place

Sequoias are special trees, alright! There are a lot of them planted in the region where I live in Oregon's Willamette Valley. They are getting big now. Folks wonder how well they will survive this far out of their natural region. But they are such stalwarts over the ages. Those trees in Sequoia National Park have seen so many different conditions over the ages.

I love the views, i want to go those iconic places

Beautiful place. Thanks

sadly I will only see such beauty through the internet, but at least I will see them, thanks so much

wow this looks so beautful , love the caves so fun exploring such amazing nature

I wonder if the size of a tree or plant in a geographical area has anything to do with the Earth’s kundalini. California seems like it has a nice geomagnetic frequency.

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What a beautiful place! I need THAT kind of vacation!


You would get that kind of vacation very soon... It would soon be your turn ... (smiles)..

Wooooooooow.... Awessooome... The pictures really got me. @originalworks

I was there a long time ago, so I am very happy to see your post!
Actually, I was just in Sequoia Park, but still, great memories 😎
Thank you! 👍

Beautiful giants! 😊

Curtains Of Icicle Stalactites At Crystal Cave In Sequoia National Park I Like This 😍😍😍😍 i would Like if u can Take more photos there’

Wow this looks like an absolutely amazing trip, would love to go there sometime.