Having a lobster feast in Maine USA

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Exploring the food of Maine this summer as been delightful, and each season will bring something new.

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There is just something a little savage about eating lobster that seems to happen when we find a great lobster pot to eat at here in Maine. With great energy and family fanfare we tear into our meals like starving people from the days of old. Laughter from others can be heard as they seem to be having the same feeling as we do. Maine is rich in seafood, and many different preparation styles of lobster are everywhere.

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From our video you can see how they bring the meals out to us, and before the messy part starts. There are huge pots around the corner heating the lobster until they are ready.

This photo show's a very common sandwich for these parts, and has to be tried again and again.

Simple lobster in a pot with butter, corn, and potatoes.

Foodie travel here in Maine has been a great experience, and we will continue to bring the sights, sounds, and the food of the North East while we visit here.

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I just got back from 6 days of eating lobster in Maine. Had the best lobster roll from a lobster shack located on a back road but still on the water. Someone told us about it and it took awhile to find. No tourists, seemed the natives wanted to keep it a secret.


@linjogi there is allot of those places tucked away from the average tourists here. We found a lobster roll in a obscure town along the N highway 1 area of the state that was just a little different.


I'm guessing there are many places like that. We also found a place that had the best crab cake ever. Never really liked crab cakes but that, well that was nothing like the crab cakes I have ever tasted before! Btw, I just started following you, looking forward to reading about more of your travels.

Lobster is delicious.


Yes they are @discernente thanks

It seems to me a delicious dish. My friend is voting for you

those lobster looks fantastic yummy.


They are really good @reroelbuton

wow great lobster dish, that sandwich also looks appetizing, the butter and potatoes are going very well, is very craving ,I appreciate it if you I would give me a look at my last post and give me your opinion, greetings and success in everything!

amazing...nice post,,thank you for sharing.

I 😍😍😍 Maine lobster 😁

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wow this is a very classy post


Thank you @ chanchuwel.

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You ate Mr. Krabs? 😱😱

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Sounds and looks like you found a great place for the best lobster. Maine lobster is the best in my opinion. Thanks for sharing and making me wish I was in Maine right now.


Thank you @beccadeals it a fun place :-)

There is really nothing like having a lobster in Maine! The only thing that can top that is maybe some oysters :)


Thanks @j4y we have done that as well and maybe we should make another post about it.

Yum yum yum !!!

Look so tasty :-D

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