Fresh Squeezed juices In The Old City Of Jerusalem Israel

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 Fresh Squeezed juices In The Old City

Fresh-squeezed Pomegranate and Orange juices grace the markets of Old Jerusalem, Israel. Jerusalem has several quarters throughout the Old City. In the Muslim Quarter  you can drink these fantastic freshly squeezed juices of pomegranates and oranges, as you wander through the market. You will find these small juice stands all around the Mahane Yehuda Market. This market is called the Shuk locally.  What a refreshing moment it is when you indulge in these fresh squeezed juices. They are delicious! You will find these small juice stands not only in the market proper, but on the surrounding sidewalks also. These fresh squeezed juices are a fantastic start to healthy eating. 

Beautiful pomegranates are available at the market year around in the Old City. You can find them pilled high in the markets of Jerusalem. Their beautiful red color brightens the market. Fresh squeezed juices are everywhere. Brightly colored Oranges are made into delicious freshly squeezed juice. The Pomegranate and orange juices are served separately. These juices are also combined into one juice drink in some stands. They are amazing! They are delicious! What a way to start your day, in the Old City of Jerusalem.

Pomegranate juice is one of the most popular drinks in the Holy Land. Nutritionally, it is a rich fruit with a very unique flavor. It has a taste all its own. It is extremely good! The pomegranate has many healthy characteristics. Along with the mango, it is considered a super fruit. The fruit is moderate in calories, just slightly more than an apple. It is full of fiber, but contains no cholesterol or saturated fats. It is an aid in digestion and helps to produce healthy bowl movements. It is known to boost the  immune system, improves circulation, and offers at least some protection from several types of cancer It is also thought to reduce the risk of heart disease. A cup of pomegranate juice is said to have over 17% of the vitamin C needed to have a well working immune system. It has a large amount of the B Vitamins , folate, Vitamin K, and minerals such as calcium, potassium, cooper, and manganese. Regular consumption of pomegranate juice has also been found to be effective against prostate cancer. It is also helpful in the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), diabetes, and lymphoma.What a power house of nutrition! Have you had your pomegranate juice today? 

Jaffa oranges are on sale everywhere at Mahane Yehuda market in the Old City of Jerusalem. Jaffa is called the Orange City with more than 400 orange groves. These account for most of the Oranges sold at the Yehuda Market in the Old City of Jerusalem. Shamouti oranges are extremely delicious!  They account for most of the oranges that make the fresh squeezed juices of the Old City.

Real 100% Shamouti orange juice is a great aid to better diet quality. In those who include fresh squeezed juices in their diet daily, there is improved nutrient absorption in the body. Fresh squeezed juices bring with it a decreased risk for obesity and improved health. Have you had your Shamouti Orange Juice today?

As you travel throughout the Holy Land, you will find many fruits growing in the fertile valleys. Stop and taste the juices that are in the small roadside stands. Make your trip to the Holy Land an adventure in nutrition. Wander the many markets of the Old City, tasting the terrific  combinations of fresh squeezed juices. Come join us in a new way of life, in the Old City of Jerusalem. It is time to begin your day…….. with fresh squeezed juices, from Israel. 

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wow yummy fresh and cold juice for summer yumyumyum :) thank for sharing
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Fresh juice is good for the health and having a taste of it before exploring the market would be nice

Generous info!
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Fresh squeezed is always the best.

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I need the fresh juice

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Un buen zumo nutritivo para animar un buen paseo en el corazón de la civilización @xintoe

You can't go wrong with fresh juice.

Fresh juice is good for health when someone can take different kind of fresh juice atleast five in a day

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That's very healthy. I didn't know pomegranate is that super nutritious! I only see it in commercials being used as ingredients for shampoos or lipsticks. Said it provides moisture. Thanks for sharing that wonderful info, sir @exploretraveler. Sadly, we don't grow pomegranates here in the Philippines.

That looks so enjoyable. I’ve never been to Jerusalem before but hopefully maybe next year sometime. Another great post!

Fresh juice is good for the body

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