Exploring In The Land Of Israel

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Mysteries Waiting To Be Discovered

Israel is a land of history, mysteries, and unique ruins. Revisit the time of the Romans, and other ancient cultures. Many of these ancient cities are in excellent condition, while others are compromised. Some are so complete, that you wonder how they survived. 


 Caesarea Of The Mediterranean 

 Caesarea, a magnificent jewel on the Mediterranean Sea, is spectacular and amazing. This impressive  city was founded by King Herod in the first century. It was built and named to honor Augustus Caesar. This was a fortified city that was completely walled. Archaeologists have found the remains of the ancient walls of the city. Caesarea was the largest harbor of all the cities on the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. It was a most important city in the Roman Empire. The quality of the ancient ruins, and the historical writings of  Josephus Flavius , has opened a window of understanding as to the way of life and the culture of the area. 

 The Rubble Of The Sad And Tragic History Of Masada 

It is a very sad and tragic history that took place on this hill top of grandeur. The fight is often called the Jewish revolt, and these brave Jewish citizens fought to their death. As you ascend to the top, you will see many ruins of the city, their cisterns, and other relics. When you reach the top, there is nothing that you can not see for miles and miles. It is beauty in the midst of rubble. 

Israel is full of archaeological ruins throughout the country.  If you enjoy seeing history come alive, you will love the adventure of exploring the many ruins. No matter where you go, there are the ancient cities to be discovered. So come on, and join us, as we walk the ancient paths of the fortified cities of yesterday. 


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Have only had the chance to read about places like this in the bible,i hope i'll be able to visit this stunning place soon

The land of Israel is beautiful, even the dry and arid areas. I've never been there, but it looks like home to me. @ironshield

Good article. Israel the Holy Land, full of many interesting history. and the most extraordinary thing is that the state as a nation does not have much time to be founded and they are a world power. Worthy of admiration, it is worth traveling and knowing their customs

Thanks @enriquemarval regardless of the politics there everyone should visit, and enjoy the history.

Muy buen artículo que nos traslada al pasado con un gran relato @xintoe

Wonderful Place.Your Photograph and writing skilled is Nice. @exploretraveler

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I love the land of Israel and its unique history to its people. I would love to travel there one day. Great post!!

I'd love to get there one day. Actually, one day hopefully I'll get to see the whole middle east. Stunning place.

Thank you @jfolkmann and there is allot to see over there.

How i wish i could visit the places you have featured. This is another place that is full of historical stories.

Great share sir your article is awesome.

Always welcome sir.
Sir, i need your help to grow steemit community please help me, sir.

Good destination for traveller.. from @exploretraveler great post and is must visited.! Iam really want going there, and i appreciate your posting with subtitles "Exploring In The Land Of Israel"

I liked 😀😁😄👍👍💚💛💜💙💖 and i really like this, still provide interesting destination info and worth a visit ✊regards.! me @azroel from Indonesian.

Creative greetings steady soul. Greetings go with friends.

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Isreal is pretty unique.... It is a great place to tour....

An appealing invitation one can not resist! ;-)
Kryptonia @nexit

Nice picture and post . :) @joancabz

Hi nice post upvoted from kryptonia @omobolaji

Such a beautiful post, thanks

Your post is always inspiring.

Israel is a wonderful place, how i wish i can visit there too someday.

Yo fui a Israel a los 6 años con mi padre, hicimos los recorridos de Jesus en las iglesias, es indescriptible la historia , la santidad y lo maravilloso. Aun guardo recuerdos de Israel.

My recommendation would be to boycott travels to Isreal until they cease their apartheid behavior in Gaza.

Awsome article. You make me want to get traveling.

Un lugar de duende

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