"Everything Is Bigger In Texas"

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Even The Cities Are Big In Texas USA

Welcome to Texas, where everything is made big, even the capital. The capital of Texas is over 302 feet high. Even the U.S. Capital is only 288 feet high. It is also the larger in square feet than any of the other of the 50 capitals. 

Then there is the desert. Have you ever driven across Texas? Texas just seems to go on and on. There is also more Texas Desert Beauty. At times it is green, other times it is brown, but still at other times, it is the color of the blooming desert flowers. That is a lot of Texas beauty!

And then there are those Texas cities, they just keep growing and growing. Did you know that 3 of the 4 fastest growing cities in the USA is in Texas? Austin if the fastest growing city in the nation, Dallas is a close second, and then there is Houston.  Talk about urban growth!

Then there is the green mentality. They have some of the largest solar fields in the nation.  Texans are known for their conservation and green living. Solar is big in the lone state!

So come on over to Texas, where everything bigger!


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Texas is a place I would like to visit. When everyone falls in love with a place it should be on the travel destination list.

woww, this texas city is very wide and very beautiful.
enjoy this trip @exploretraveler.
do not forget to see my post @exploretraveler.

it's very beautiful I really like your post my friend, I like your post,upvote and resteem yes

same friends can i follow you

You are welcome,may i follow you friend

Texas is a city that is filled with many resources and has a large land mass and is beautiful and kept clean

Wow.. I wanna go there @exploretraveller... Because my husband is from there.. Working on my visa.. Thank you for sharing this things about Texas
I will surely go to one of the dessert if am already there. 😊😊

a very big and very nice city, it would have been very nice to go there huh.
oa yes, if there is time, visit my blog buddy yes.

Very good friend.
How are you...??

Thanks @safrijals. The team is great but traveling.

When are you coming to Indonesia

Hopefully will be able to visit Texas especially Waco where Chip and Joanna Gaines live 🤣 @exploretraveler

Yes, that is an awesome area @fearlessfaith.

I am in South Africa and reading your post makes me want to buy a one way ticket to the states and head on down to Taxis. The description of the area makes me wish that you could have included pictures. Those would have been beautiful.

The team is in Texas now, so more will be coming @solomonsel.

Looking forward to them

nice post, I m lake my friend

posting an amazing friend about the beauty of texas city. if any time please see my post.

Wow.... amazing photography done by you..
I'm just gonna astonishing.....and glad to see articles...
Great to share your traveling post.

Good city views.... Thanks

when i'm big and rich i'd love to check out Texas, just a taste, maybe fall in love. Texas on many levels is a place all people should experience, or so I hear....

Not a fan of cities, would love to see the countryside, large and sprawling I would imagine quite flat.

Yes, but there are some hills in some areas @joanstewart.

Well - population keep increasing and i've seen many places in Pakistan too, taken over by populations rise, beautiful and natural lands are being grabbed by people faster.
But still there are many places just like MURREE in pakistan and Texas in US, must visit and breath its air.

There are miles and miles of deserts that there is no one @muhammadatif1992.

How curious, I did not know these features of breadth and height of Texas.
And yes, it is true when I listen to Texas I think in that desert that seems to be endless, it is long, long, but as you say you are full of beautiful views depending on the color you give according to the season. Beautiful Texas. Nice content @exploretraveler.

I could get lost in a big City. 😁 however I want to explore, might be soon.. 🙏

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Watching the mountains bloom in the spring in the desert if the rains come is one of the most beautiful events. More people should really plan to vacation in the spring in and around El Paso, Texas during this time of year. Many people back east love the changing of the fall colers and it is a sight to see but nothing really beats the whole mountain side changing from dusty brown with a few cacti to raging wildflowers in bloom especially with the Majestic Franklin Mtns in the background. Oh the places to go and things to do but most never even see it.

I would like to drive to Dallas, Houston and Austin, TX someday for fun.

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