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The Alamo Mission

The Alamo Mission In The Rio Grande Valley San Antonio Texas

The story of the Alamo began back in the time of the missions. During the 1700's the Mission San francisco de Solano was established. This mission was near the Rio Grande River at this time. Several times in the early 1700's the Mission was moved, until it finally was moved to the present location. 

At this time in history, a Spanish mission was so much more than a place of religion. Here they took the local indigenous peoples, making converts to the Catholic faith, and loyal members to the Spanish lifestyle. They were to become self-sufficient and loyal to Spain. These Indian converts to Catholicism became skilled farmers and raised livestock with expertise. They learned trades, so they could support themselves. The major trades were blacksmiths, stonemasons, carpentry, and weavers of cloth. These things they learned with competence, as they had a natural ability in these areas. 

During the early 1800's we see an increased threat to Spain coming from France and America. At this time the Spanish moved deeper into Texas. Mexico declared it's independence in 1821 and the Alamo Mission remained an outpost in what is now Texas. This was a time of great confusion in the land. From 1822-1835 Texas was a part of Mexico. In 1835-1836 we see the Texas Revolution. Again in 1842, we see the first of many Mexican invasions into Texas. Mexico had not given up her claim to Texas and neither had America, who wanted to annex it.  The Alamo was a major battle ground where many stood and many died. 

As the US began to gather troops in San Antonio and throughout Texas, it would trigger a response from Mexico. The Mexican war of 1846 was fought and many men would make their stand at the Alamo Mission.  Some  made their final stand at the Alamo. This was the war that would forever set the stage for life in the Southwestern United States. Annexation and Statehood would be vital for Texas and San Antonio would come to benefit greatly. 

Through the years the Alamo was used for many things. In 2013 The Alamo was returned to Texas as a Treasure, and it became, along with the other missions, listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The famous letter, written by William Travis, which declared Victory or Death, made it's way back to the Alamo for the 177th Anniversary of the battle. 

As you travel the area of San Antonio, Texas, be sure to visit and remember what price was paid at "The Alamo Mission."

Galveston Island Texas USA

Galveston Island's Famous  Seawall

Galveston Island, a small Texas Island off the coast of Texas is famous for it's seawall. The seawall creates a barrier against the ever changing tides of the Gulf of Mexico in Texas. Galveston Island is about 50 miles to the southeast of the city of Houston and most of the island is within the city limits of Galveston. 

The island offers all the adventure and excitement of any resort location. There are many tourist attractions including Schlitterbahn Galveston Island, which is an outdoor water park open during the warmer part of the year and a smaller indoor park open all year long. 

Bishop's Place is a historic 1892 mansion and Willis-Moody Mansion is an 1895 mansion that lets you explore authentic historic mansions, recreating a world full of eloquent  beauty. Both of these let your imagination soar, as you explore the architecture of yesterday. 

Another highlight on the island is the Elissa Site. There you will find amazing historical ships. There are also a couple of seaport museums nearby. In the different sites, you will see a whole different view of Galveston, and appreciate a time that is no more. 

The island has a laid back tone to it and you will feel rested just from being there. There is everything on the island that you would hope for, including quality hotels and restaurants. There is also a very complete shopping district on the island.

Sam Houston National Forest In Texas USA Is Home To Spectacular Sweetgum Trees And Native Pines

A wilderness Thick With Sweetgum Trees And Evergreen Pines  

The Sweetgum tree has never been considered special, except for the shade it gives off. Your first clue that you are under a Sweetgum tree might be the pods that land on the forest floor. You can usually find them when the sharp needles of the seed pods go painfully through your shoes. These pods have ruined many vacations and sent forgers home in tears. But that is not the end of the story. 

Flu is a widespread disease the world over and often times calls for a drug called Tamiflu. Tamiflu requires a main ingredient that can be hard to source called Shikimic Acid. The major source for Shikimir Acid are the pods of the Star Anise Tree in China. This source is limited and so researches looked elsewhere. They found it present in pine needles and the infertile pods of the Sweet Gum. It is also found in the bark and leaves. For centuries the Cherokee Tribe has made a tea of the bark and leaves to give to those who are ill with the flu. Science is is just now starting to catch up!

In The Sam Houston National Forest in Texas USA, you not only have the Sweetgum, but also the pines. This makes the area perfect for forgers and herbalists. So on your next Texas adventure, branch out and discover the pods of the Sweetgum. Remember, you want the infertile pods, which are yellow and have no side wings on the pod, the bark, and the leaves. Herbalists pay well for these parts. You can also clean and freeze the bark until needed, then make tea when you are sick. 

So break out of the mold and enjoy the forest and if you are there at the right time, why not get some bark for your own use. Before using it though, remember to consult with your doctor to make sure he considers it safe for you. 

Exploring The Natural Beauty Of The Sam Houston National Forest Park In East Texas USA

A Warm Humid Evening At Lake Raven In Sam Houston National Forest 

Lake Raven, in the Sam Houston National Forest, is a perfect place to get lost among the magnificent pines that circle the lake. Explore the pine woods of East Texas and immerse yourself in the natural beauty of this spectacular park. Take a few hours to hike the trails that travel through this majestic forest. Canoes are available for rent that allow you to discover the hidden secrets of this pine forest from the vantage of the lake. 

At Sam Houston National Forest, you can paddle around all 210 acres of Lake Raven, bike or hike 21 miles of the most amazing trails in the West, and fish for perch, crappie, bass and catfish. Swimming is allowed in the designated swimming area, and there is a campgrounds for camping. There are over 160 campsites and screen shelters available. 

At the park there is also a complete Nature Center with many exhibits, as well as ranger programs for the kids, and many adult volunteer programs. There are even some things to do during a one day nature adventure. This is a huge park with a lot to do and experience. The park even supports Geocaching, which is a modern name for a treasure hunt in nature. Whatever you desire to experience, it is possible at the Sam Houston National Forest. 

Houston Space Center

Houston, Texas USA

Apollo Historic Mission Control Room 

Part of The National Historic Landmark  

This was the age of excitement for all things Apollo and this control center is being outfitted with the same garbage cans, ash trays, computers, monitors, and other things that were present in 1969. The halfway mark of this important historic time of restoration, has arrived. It is starting to look as it did when everyone was blue and biting their nails. With only 30 seconds left of fuel, this historic landing was made. At 4:18 pm EDT, Astronaut Neil Armstrong radioed the following now famous message. "Houston, Tranquility Base here. The Eagle has landed."  The center erupted with celebration as they replied:  "Roger, Tranquility.  We copy you on the ground.  You got a bunch of guys about to turn blue—we’re breathing again. Thanks a lot.” 

This Historic Mission was a national accomplishment, a time of pride and excitement. On July 20, 1969  they stepped out on the moon, everyone across the nation was glued to their TV sets. Astronaut Neil Armstrong as he stepped out unto the surface of the moon said: "That's one small step for [a] man, one giant leap for mankind."

Close Up Of The Mission Control Center

It was across these very monitors that came the message: "The Eagle Has Landed." Can you even imagine the excitement of the hour as President Nixon spoke with them on the moon. That night, this amazing space adventure was watched by more than 530 million people. This was national excitement and pride that was seen and felt that day in history. It was through this very control center that this was seen and heard across our nation. 

When looking for an adventure back in time, why not visit this intriguing space center. This is history that has been brought back to life. Visit a time when devotion, excitement, love, and concern for one's country were a major part of daily life. The space program was no different. The astronauts were family and came into most homes whenever they were on a mission. If there was a problem, the country held it's breath, and when there was victory and accomplishment, the country celebrated.  Welcome back to 1969 and the Johnson Space Center. 

NASA 905 ~ The Piggyback Plane And The Space Shuttle replica, the Independence

Welcome to Independence Plaza, the home of NASA 905, the piggyback plane. The exhibit features all the different stages that go into being a piggyback plane. How does an airplane carry around an 83 ton space ship? Why did NASA choose this Boeing 747-123 for the job? You will find all the answers in this NASA Museum in Houston, Texas. 

The Boeing 747-123 is a power horse, with incredible jet power. Even then, this four engine 747, former member of the American Airline fleet, had to be stripped of everything but the cockpit on the inside in order to prepare it for this massive task. 

On the top of the plane is a replica of the Shuttle Independence. It has been changed on the inside to allow better access for visitors. Within the shuttle are space artifacts of this time in history. The collection is amazing and will allow you to see the space program as living history that you are a part of. You can tour the inside and dream of the time when the space craft was carried on the back of the mighty airplane. Over the years that we had an active space program, this Boeing 747 flew 223 active missions from California to Florida with the Independence on her back. What a history these two aircrafts have built together!

The NASA 905 was only one of two aircraft used for this important job. The NASA 911 is now at home in another one of NASA's Museums, the Joe Davies Heritage Airpark in Palmdale, California. These were the only two Shuttle Carrier Aircraft ever used during NASA's 42 year long space program. 

The exhibits in this Space Museum center on learning and problem-solving concepts for future space adventures. Learn of possible career paths and all about many of the original ideas that latter made up the space technology. What an amazing exhibit!

International Space Station Outhouse Toilet At The Independence Plaza in Houston Texas USA

International Space Station Outhouse Toilet

Just How Do You Use This In Zero Gravity?

In the beginning there was no plan, as the missions were short, but when delays occurred, the Astronaut had to go in his suit. Not the greatest answer to a common need. The next provision was a little better, or so it seemed. Enter the age of bags that were worn.These bags would collect urine. Great idea, at least until they leaked and shorted out the space craft. The next bright idea was to have a fecal bag that stuck to the bottom. Hard to handle with the lack of gravity. 

In the latter years of space travel, there were toilets that weren't quite that hard, but you still needed to take a class before you could use them. I guess this is potty training 101 for adults.  At Independence Plaza in Houston,Texas you can join in the fun of how to use this very important space necessity. 

Enjoying A Real Texas Experience In Fort Worth Texas

Enjoying Unique Texas Life In Ft Worth Texas  

Enjoying the uniqueness of Texas is fun and worth the effort. Very few places have left part of the city as it has always been. Fort Worth is the beginning of the West. In Fort Worth you can step back into yesterday. Relieve the glamour, the work, and the fun. Watch out for the gun slingers that may be wandering the streets!

There are many places "to hang your hat" while you are at the Stockyards. For those with their RV, there are plenty of opportunities to circle those wagons and spend the night.  No Rv, no problem, there is everything from Historic Bed and Breakfasts to 5 Star motels. The Stockyards Motel is the best of both worlds.  There is always room in Texas "to hang your hat."

Enjoying The "Real West"

Booger Red's Saloon was named for a western legend bronc rider, Samuel Thomas Privett. Samuel Thomas Privett lived from 1858 to 1926 and was a Fort Worth long standing citizen. If you want to know the word of the day, head on over to the saloon, everyone will be there. You'll hear all the news at the saloon. 

If you need a ride, why catch the stagecoach or hire a buggy. They'll even take you on a tour of a the city. There is a lot to do in Fort Worth.  You can even board your horse or rent a horse and tour the city. Just wander on down to the stables.  Fort Worth is living history, so why not delve into yesterday and enjoy a western adventure?

Cowboys Enjoying The Ride In Fort Worth Stockyards National Historic District

Cowboys riding in the western lifestyle and heritage of Fort Worth, Texas USA

Cowboys rule the day at the Fort Worth Stockyards National Historic District. Filled with the original brick on the walkways and streets, it is all ready for the Texas cowboy. Need to put up your horse? No problem, the old wooden corals are still in place. The story of yesterday's world, filled with livestock everywhere is replayed day after day. 

Formally, this was the land of cowboys, gunslingers, and the cattlemen who made Texas famous. Today it is a reminder of this amazing period of history. Begin your tour down on the main street, lined with cafes, saloons, and shops. Enjoy the best that Fort Worth has to offer. Mingle with the cowboys at the saloon, watch the cattle drives as they come through town, shop for authentic western-ware, take in an old time concert, and dance the night away. 

Experience all the exciting sites and sounds of the old wild west. Meet us at the Fort Worth Stockyards National Historic District in Fort Worth.

It's Time For BBQ In Texas

Strap On Your Boots For The Best Slow Smoked Over Wood Coals Texas BBQ

If you haven't had a good old fashioned wood BBQ in Texas, then you haven't had good BBQ. It's filled with smoky goodness, complete with sauces dripping from the meat.  Stay a while in Texas and you will learn all the secrets to being a master Texas BBQ chef. Discover the secrets of grilling with wood over a campfire. digging a BBQ pit, or even using that grill on the porch. No matter if you dig a pit, or buy a pit, the secret is in the wood.

When you learn to BBQ in Texas, you will surely take BBQ to the whole new level.  When you put a chicken on any grill, it is full of grilling goodness.  Then you add all the fragrant  wood smoke to the scene, and you just kicked it up to the next level. Now, we are grilling Texas style. 

Being in Texas, it is easy to get drawn in to a simpler time, where things we done more natural. Cooking on wood over a pit is natural goodness, rustic living, and doing things the basic way. Man has cooked over an open fire for centuries, It is time to preserve this natural way of cooking. When you cook with wood, you have smoke, and smoke makes Texas BBQ goodness any place or any time. Come on down to Texas, and lets celebrate! 

We hope you enjoyed our collection of Texas photographs, and writings. We have worked for years bringing everyone a piece of our adventures almost everyday. We welcome all of your upvotes, and invite you to also visit our website where you will find many years of searchable material to learn and enjoy from.


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This is a fantastic post! Great photos of Texas. Brings back many memories and I'm excited to return. Found you on Kryptonia and shared on my FB.

Awesome photos! I visited the Alamo a few years ago

Thanks @drewley we have been there a few times but have not written much about it. Thank you for the support.

What a wonderful post. I've been to Texas a few times and loved it all. Such nice people and interesting history - great beaches. I sure could do with some of the BBQ! Tweeted from kryptonia with the same user name.

Thanks @fitinfun and we could all use some of that BBQ right now :-)

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This is an interesting place! Very historic and the places are amazing. A must see destination...upvoted and commented by rubelynmacion of krypto and retweeted by rubigems

Thanks @rubelynmacion it was allot of fun for us, and we think others will enjoy it if they visit.

Lovely photos....it looks ancient and i am damn sure it is a nice to place to visit...

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I remember stopping by the Alamo and being really really underwhelmed. It was just so small a building.

I understood why they asked everyone to remember it, because otherwise, it was pretty forgettable.

Thanks for the lovely post sharing a lot of awesome Texas things!

the old building reminds us of the history of the past. Good post @exploretraveler

Buenas fotografías

The Alamo is a historical battle place. Texas Revolution Has been committed here. Great historical writing @exploretraveler. Your photos are awesome...

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Wow amazing these are nice photos to share :) 😘 I would like to visit the place in the near future. Thank you for sharing . :)

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Impresionante recorrido por la historia y los lugares emblemáticos de una zona absolutamente desconocida para mi. Realmente ha sido un viaje espectacular sin salir de mi casa. Gracias por compartir @xintoe

What an extensive and lengthy travel post! Loved the horses haha. Great that you are posting your work to Steemit! =)

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wow very nice blog!!! so much learnings. thanks for sharing the history of the past nd for the wonderful tour around texas.

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I just got back from Texas. Great place to visit and live in. Long live the lone star state.





Looks like you stayed busy and well fed in Texas!

Kryptonia @Hokkaido

Your all pics made to have a tour of mine soon i love tourism.

Great post. Thanks. The Lone Star State and birthplace of the late great SRV,@bon-.nom

Kryptonia @Hokkaido

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Excellent trip through that beautiful state full of history. Beautiful photos that definitely show the greatness of that region.

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I wish I had a chance to travel there, someday 😙

wow. amazing. a very beautiful photo with a very interesting description. in my opinion, this post is extraordinary and great. I like

Amazing photos... thank you for this tour

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