A Photo Exploration Of Istanbul Turkey

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Exploring Off The Beaten Path In Istanbul

It is always a fun adventure to leave the main city streets and attractions to discover the side streets and byways.  Discover Istanbul from the eyes of the locals. Explore the small shops and the cobblestone walkways, while traveling the less traveled areas where the tourists gather. 

The Bridges Provide A Gathering Spot For Locals Who Just Want To Fish

While Istanbul has many open markets and fish markets, there are times when you just want to catch your own fresh fish for dinner. Here you see the locals gathering on a bridge to fish. What an awesome experience for those who like to fish for dinner. 

Baroque Clock Tower In Front Of Dolmabahce Palace 

Baroque Clock Tower was the brain child of Sultan Abdul Hamid II who lived in the late 1800's and early 1900's. It was designed and built by Architect Sarkis Balyan. The project was completed in 1895. The clock stands 89 feet tall in the front of the Treasury Gate Square near by the Dolmabahce Mosque. While the tower is in the "Neo-Baroque" architectural style, the face of the clock has elegant "Eastern Arabic Numerals."

The Art Of Making Turkish Coffee

Discover the world of Turkish food and relish the taste of Turkish coffee. See our article at: https://steemit.com/travel/@exploretraveler/a-culinary-adventure-in-istanbul-turkey. Here you can embark on an adventure of Turkish delicacies such as Turkish Baklava, Keşkül, and Şekerpare.   

The Sultan Ahmed Mosque

The Sultan Ahmed Mosque is one of the amazing mosques of Istanbul, Turkey. Discover the rich heritage, extraordinary history, and rich culture of this spectacular mosque at:  https://steemit.com/travel/@exploretraveler/exploring-the-sultan-ahmed-mosque-in-istanbul-turkey. 

Haseki Hurrem Sultan Hamam  

The Haseki Hurrem Sultan Hamam is an historical bathhouse from the 16th century.  Discover this amazing Hamam in our article : The Haseki Hürrem Sultan Hamamı  at: https://steemit.com/travel/@exploretraveler/the-haseki-huerrem-sultan-hamami-in-istanbul-turkey.

These are some of the adventures of our time in Istanbul, Turkey. Look back, click on the former articles for more photos and details. Istanbul is a delightful city to explore. Next time you are traveling through the area, take time to discover the heritage and culture of the Turkish people.  


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This is definitely a place I'd love to go spend a lot of time in! Thanks a lot for sharing this legend of a city with us all, as there is so much to learn from this place...

Namaste :)


Your welcome @eric-boucher. Glad you enjoyed.

Beautiful night photos! Photographing at night is not easy, but the photos are brighter and more saturated than in the daytime. As if you are getting into a fairy tale, mysterious and beautiful. Bravo to the author!


Thank you @mashla.

Travelling is such a wonderful thing in life! I just love how there's 195 countries in the world and every single one, has some new food, culture, or monument to observe and experience. Travelling will always be filled with wonder and amazment, and never will be stale and uneventful because there are just so many things around the world that we still haven't seen.
Loved reading your post @exploretraveler, really enjoyed seeing we share the same passion for travel :D


So glad you enjoyed the blog @inspirationalrag.

very beautiful woww very very amazed to see it,
I am very proud kwan share this photo.


Thank you @sury.

I would love to visit. The photos are stunning! Thanks for sharing <3


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Good travel
Nice post my friend @exploretraveler


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great photo of mosque i like it


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It's very nice blog. You motivated me to travel more and click amazing photos.😝 Thank you for sharing it.


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First pic is close to where i live :)


It is a small world @itbb. Beautiful country.

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Beautiful post and photos. I'd love to visit Turkey someday. Thanks for the inspiration to do so!


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So much history and beauty. I love the Baroque clock and the bridges. Your photos are so crisp and clear. The first photo with a few people strolling the dark laneway is intriguing - I wonder what is behind those doors, where they are going, what sounds can be heard etc. I'm just a tad curious :)


So glad you enjoyed the blog @countrygirl.

Wow Thats a Great photo i will appreciate you @exploretraveler


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Thanks For Your Reply you're kind

Great post and photo


Thank you @sorayakhatun.

Beautiful place to visit.
Have you tried that Turkish coffee? I bet it tastes amazing.


Turkish coffee is excellent @joalvarez.

Beautiful place and wonderful pictures. ¡Great post!...


Thank you @hegaby.

Definitely in my travel plans, hopefully in 2018 I will be able to play some tournaments in Istanbul and go visit the city too. Thanks for sharing :)


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My trip to ISTAMBUL with my brother:

We can see the Souleymane mosque which dominates the city. The lighting is breathtaking. A little further to the left, the Saint Sophia museum overlooks Sultan Ahmet hill. In the background is the Blue Mosque, which illuminates the sky with its six minarets. A little further down the Topkapi Palace which was the residence of the Ottoman Sultan.

We cross the sea to arrive in the district of Besiktas, very popular football club in Istanbul. Direction Aksaray district where our hotel is located. It is a district of specialized tradesmen especially in the textile. You can find everything at unbeatable prices. The restaurants stay open all night. I'm dying to see the blue mosque but fatigue takes over.

After a good night's sleep, head to Sultan Ahmet district. Coming down from the tram, you arrive directly in a small park. On your left is the Saint Sophia Museum and on the right the Blue Mosque. The decor is breathtaking as both monuments are impressive. Arrived inside the Blue Mosque, I realize that I have never set foot in such a beautiful mosque. The paintings, the ceramic tiles, the carpet amaze my eyes. All tourists enter the mosque but when the muezzin makes the call to prayer, only Muslims stay inside.

i love my city! great photos!

The real picture which reveals the beauty at night and the true snap which reveals the beauty of the place.....great click