A Journey In Time Through The Ruins Of Jerash Jordan

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 The Arch Of Hadrian 

The magnificent Arch in Jerash, is a part of the fantastic gateway that gave honor and homage  to Emperor Hadrian on his visit to the city of Gerasa, in the year of 129. The city was latter re-named Jerash,

From The Bronze Age Comes The Impressive Ruins Of Jerash. 

In ancient times, the city was called Gerasa, though it was renamed to Jerash latter. This is an ancient Greek and Roman city that was located near the mountains just to the north of Amman. This city is perhaps the best preserved ruins of this type outside of Italy.  

The ancient city enjoyed great respect and wealth. The Gateway Arch was built a distance away from the walled city so that the city could be expanded and connected easily. This was a time of great prosperity for the city and nothing that was used in the building project was cheap or cut any  corners. Only the best was deemed worthy for this building project. 

 Phoenician Juniper Trees In A Land Filled With Ancient Ruins 

Beautiful Junipers flourish throughout mountain deserts surrounding Jerash. This Juniper Tree is used for incense, The essential oil of the Juniper tree is used to support the liver, the leaves are often used for  assisting diabetics. In Jordanian traditional medicine, the leaves and berries are used to treat bronchitis, gout, and arthritis. Many different traditional medicines use this Juniper tree to treat many different aliments. 

 Modern Jerash Jordan 

Jerash, Jordan has been continuously  inhabited since the Bronze Age.  It is best known for the quality ruins of the walled Greek-Roman settlement of Gerasa. While traveling throughout Jordan, be sure to spend some time exploring the ancient walled city of Gerasa.  It is one of the magnificent places on earth.


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Wonderful architecture and places to explore, finding plants and trees being used for medicines a long tradition in itself.

Much is still being learned of our past in such well preserved places such as is found in Jordan and surrounding areas, thanks for sharing @exploretraveler places I would have loved to have seen.

I would also love to have seen it

It is a good place to visit for sure @joshuajohn.

@joanstewart, The natural tradition of so many building make it more gorgeous, those are had created more than hundreds years, but @exploretraveler focus as a marvelous photography, that make so attractive,,,

Thank you @ekhlas01. There are many places to go in the world that are amazing.

Thank you for reading @joanstewart.

This is an interesting and fun place to explore!

@pilgrimtraveler, It is so magnificent. Jordan is so much fun..

very interesting place to visit abroad!
Thanks for sharing this... your narration feels like I'm with you during the visit. I bid you more blessings!

I would like to explore these ruins one day!

When and where does the beautiful place exist in modern times?

It is just north of Amman, Jordan, which is a city on the Red Sea.

this is wonderful i will be sure to put that on the list of my travels!! looking forward to explore it some day

wonderfully amazing photography of Jordan.

I love ancient architecture. It can be so fascinating, especially when think about Obleki Tepi, and such.

Thanks for sharing :D

Very interesting post and good photos

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Jordan is indeed a beautiful place. Had been there 6 months ago. Loved reading buddy. Maybe you would like to review my new post on Dubai adventure which we just had.
Regards Nainaz

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Great, Thank you so much.

Wow very great experience. It make me jealous

There are always great places to explore close to home @nilam. Enjoy many adventures.

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I'm loving your posts. This ruins look stunning. Thanks for sharing you love for travel.

beautiful photos ... the light and angle of the photos are very accurate ... congratulations ...

sparkling photo . beautiful and excellent :) congratulations .

will you look at my shots

beautiful place!...thanks for knowledge me @ exploretraveler

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they look really nice.. and I believe full of history and culture too!

Thank you for reading @junebride.

Wow , thanks for sharing ...
it is nice to see someone talk about your country in a good way :)

Ou.Beautiful photos and information is .Thanks

what a great place, I want to visit it someday (i hope so)

You really need to check it @airiesbrielle one day.

Def a beautiful place to visit, been there several times on several events and club gigs i got booked to. Great historical places to visit and foods to try, if anyone every got the chance to visit do not hesitate

Buen trabajo amigo es verdaderamente de calidad

steemit noobie question: how do you format the text like that? i'm trying to make a similiar reportage (take a look on my blog) but i can't get the headlines centered like this. would appreciate any help, thank you!

@naughtysketches You have to use center markdown like<cente*>words replace * with r

@exploretraveler - given its' rich cultural and historical significance, Jordan is a country that should be on one's travel destination and given that some of the other countries with such ancient history from that part of the world has crumbled politically (such as Iraq and Syria) and is no longer accessible, this is one of those few places that sombody who loves the experience of the ancient would shouldn't miss

@roji.abraham yes however those areas can be somewhat accessible to an experienced adventurer but Syia would need very special planning. Southern Iraq Ur visit is doable with connections. We have already been there.

Interesting. I once passed through Iraq and Jordan as a child refugee in the Gulf war of 1990 (my family lived in Kuwait then)- still have vague memories of both places. Good to know Iraq is still accessible, though I would stay away from Syria (as a tourist) given the very sensitive position the country is in now.. Thanks for the post.

Great post and beautiful photos! You have my support also I would love if you could check out my profile :)

No problem ;) Dont forget to check out my profile I am curious what you do think about my work :) @exploretraveler

i like this, thanky for sharing

giphy (1).gif

It looks a really historical place to visit. Nice one. Thanx for sharing

Thanks @sirapa and yes it is very historical, but also very hot. We learned allot there.

You must have had a lot of fun there. Cuz it looks so cool and interesting.

We did have a lot of fun.

How great the place is! This should include in my bucket list. ^^

It is an amazing place @julsmlz.

I lik The pictures details And This place .One day i want To go there :) i dont know How much can cost :) Thanks for This post !

Looks amazing. Would love to go there one day. :)


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Thank you so much

you are really a great photographer man. i love your photography. im feeling lucky to be your follower

What a great civilization was that. People were smart much smarter than we think ... maybe smarter than people today.

Thank you for reading @vox00.

Every piece of stone has its own life and spirit of art. When you are on such a place, you grow up in your own eyes.
WOnderful experience!

Thank you for reading @producer007.

Wonderful ruins. Jordan is defined by ancient monuments, nature reserves and seaside resorts. It is about 300B.C old and a developing country. amazing place. Nice work @exploretraveler.

Very interesting architecture and beautiful place. You'd a lot of fun :)

Yes, we enjoyed our stay there @luja.

I'd really love to visit there once in my lifetime, but I don't know if I can tolerate the heat :)

good work, shows your hardwork explicitly

Very interesting.

Glad you enjoyed.

That's wonderful, it is definitely on my bucket list :)

wohhh nice place.... you choose the better place to click and hope you are enjoying your travel.. and thanks for your lovely post....

Amazing place. It's a pity ( sometimes a luck) that these places don't get the attention and appreciation they deserve.

Yes, it is an amazing place @ar88.

как раньше красиво строили со вкусом не так как сейчас все стандартно и однообразно.

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