Rift Valley….Eastern Taiwan

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 Rift Valley

Rift Valley, a land that is  flowing with milk and honey. Endless sky’s and green fields captivate the heart! Green farmlands stretch from the Sea to the mountains. This amazing valley encompasses rugged mountains, green valleys, and natural hot springs.  The land is dotted with rich farmland filled with Day-Lilies and Sugar Apples. Beautiful rice paddies are abundant in the valleys! Tea plantations grace the hills. Pomelos and Date Palms fill the orchards. Rice blows in the wind, as the cows are content to graze in the pastures. Shrimp and fish are natural inhabitants of the streams that flow through the valley. This is the Rift Valley, a land of contentment.

People Of The Valley

The amazing Rift Valley is a paradise on earth! Contentment is in the air! The Rift Valley is home to four of the Aboriginal Tribes of Taiwan. The Amis, Atayal, Bunun, and Puyuma Peoples all live together in peace. Here in the valley, the  Indigenous Tribes make up a vast resource. The Tribes have preserved much of their tribal life, architecture, and Tribal buildings. Tribal spirit is kept alive through traditional worship. The villages are alive with the sound of music. Dancers dance while musicians play the songs of yesteryear. Artists and craftsman are proud to share their skills. Gift shops are filled to abundance with products made with love. This is the land of the Rift Valley, a land of culture and diversity. This is a journey through past civilizations. It is a journey through time, where the past meets the present. Experience a treasured way of life. Immerse yourself in the culture. Meet the people of the Rift Valley!

Marine, Plant, And Animal Life Of The Rift Valley

The East Coast  has over 60% of the Whales and Dolphins seen on the island. The mountains are filled with tropical creatures. Birds  are waiting to be discovered. There are many day tours to introduce you to the different tropical birds that call the forest home. Boats are waiting to help you spot a Whale or Dolphin. Rent a bicycle and tour the valley. Day hikes abound! Take time to discover the life of the Rift Valley. It is a valley flowing with milk and honey! 

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That’s a beautiful view!


Thanks @drewley.

Great article. It makes me wish to go there. I have never been to Taiwan. Hopefully in the fulture. I will check out your other travel posts. Resteemed.


Thanks and please do @billy-thai.

it's so nice to hear that though there are a lot of tribes, people are living with peace.

I have place that look familiar with this in NY own country


There are so many beautiful places similar to this one the world over @bodymaual. Life is quite an adventure.

Wow! The sight is amazingly beautiful! 😍

Wow, Taiwan is very rich in natural resources. They are so blessed.

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What a beautiful place I would like to live there

amazing photo

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Awsome place to visit!

such a great place ! thanx to share it

Visiting by way of @kryptonia . Your article truly does make this seem like paradise

Paradice for every city person.

muy bonito lugar, algun dia conocere Rift Valley

muy bonito lugar, algun dia conocere Rift Valley

perfectly captured images. nice.

Lovely article and post.....