BALI New Year's Celebration

in #travel4 years ago

During the new year's festivities on Bali an interesting tradition happens. Everywhere small or large processions take place. In this processions sculptures of bad ghosts are pushed through the streets and music is played while wearing traditional clothing. This is a raw video of one procession. The video captures the chaotic and yet calm atmosphere of this event.

The next something happens which is unique even in Indonesia: A total shutdown. No one is allowed on the streets, no music is played and sometimes not even light or electricity inside is allowed. It's called "The day of Silence" which takes place so the bad spirits can't find you and also to reflect in silence.

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Wow that was a poweful atmosphere. Must have been an impressive experience.

yep super nice this place where was terrorism attack?:<

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It is really chaotic and calm at the same time. I didn´t realize watching it but now that I read the description it a good explanation of the atmophere.

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