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Rovdino is the village that I photographed, but I have never been in it. And all because it is located on the opposite bank of the Sukhona River opposite the village of Nizhny Priluk. There are no roads to Rovdino at all, you can only get there by boat, thus it beckons to you even stronger!

Using the telephoto lens, you can notice with the naked eye that the village of Rovdino is very old and almost uninhabited.

But most of the houses have been preserved quite well.

You need to have time to get there in some way, preferably in the summer.

It will be too easy to get in winter, but the pictures will not be as colorful as, for example, in summer or autumn.

There are a couple of similar inaccessible places. Even at the beginning of summer, I formed a walking route to them, but I never had the chance to travel.

In principle, I can say that I have a photo of a village leaving for the past. But staring from afar is not at all like taking a walk along the streets and touching everything you want.

This is similar to the so-called preview.

I do not like to be limited by travel time limits, so I still have not hired a boat with a boatman and have not visited this village.

I'd rather try a walking or cycling route - it will be much more exciting and valuable.

Such thoughts do not let go for a long time. The longer you have the idea of ​​a difficult journey, the more desirable it becomes and leaves a vivid impression.

Rovdino, wait, I'll get to you anyway!

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