Krasavino. Subdistrict

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Krasavino is a city in the Veliky Ustyug district of the Vologda region, located on the border with the Arkhangelsk region. From the district center of Veliky Ustyug is 25 kilometers away. The city-forming enterprise in the Soviet years was a flax-processing plant, which now almost does not work.

I wrote so much about Krasavino that it seems that all the topics have already been solved. It remains only to tell, or rather, for the most part to show the dilapidated housing of this city. After all, even in Wikipedia it is written that the housing stock of the city of Krasavino is 70% worn out and consists mainly of private houses, as well as small apartment houses of a barrack type.

Yes, the barracks here are the real ones: dilapidated, colorful, of the corridor type.
Microdistrict "Subdistrict" is located at the beginning of the city on both sides of the main street.

These houses have common kitchens and common toilets, but the corridor is not pass-through.

There is silence in the courtyards; there are neither dogs nor people.

In almost all houses, the doors to the entrances are wide open.

There are almost no cars in the courtyards.

As usual, there is a long shed in front of the house, and in front of it are places for drying clothes.

Nearby is a pseudo-stone hut.

There are a lot of places where you can hang clothes for drying.

In the background is a brick five-story dormitory.

Barracks just amazing! I remember in my youth in this house I played cards with friends in the common kitchen. I will never forget that atmosphere and surroundings.

Everywhere, where I was in our Veliky Ustyug district, it is very quiet in the courtyards in the evening and at night. Occasionally one or two people can pass.

On Embankment Street, which runs along the small river Lapinka, garden plots are located opposite the houses. On the same sites there are sheds-barns for storing foodstuffs and potatoes.

Embankment Street used to go out into the field, and now through passage through it is impossible. During the construction of a new CHP, the territory was expanded and the street was blocked.

A little further on the same street is the fire department.

Nearby is the city stadium "Labor".

And a little farther stands the flax plant, famous for the whole region.

CHP is also nearby: it is also visible in the background.

The Lapinka River in this place crosses the main street of the city.

This is the only house-barrack in all the neighborhood, where so many cars are parked.

Two barracks are completely different in design.

This house has access entrances on both sides.

And the next house has a star on the roof!

Previously, there was a kindergarten, then an ambulance. Now nothing.

If I were here for the first time, then I could have very different feelings. But I know these places from childhood and some houses are directly connected with my life. Many years have passed and I managed to get a little new look at the “Subdistrict” microdistrict, as well as plunge into the memories.

To be continued...

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