Gorka. Abandoned village

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I've long wanted to get there, but it was not so easy to do. After all, the abandoned village of Gorka is located on the other side of the river of the Northern Dvina, opposite the city of Krasavino, Velikiy Ustyug district of the Vologda region. The village of Gorka stands on a high steep bank and it can be seen from afar.

There was an opportunity to cross the river in winter and get to the village. Another successful way appeared track from the snowmobile - on it we went.

The Northern Dvina is a wide river, because it consists of Sukhona and the South - two large rivers. The width is more than half a kilometer! But at a quick pace we did not notice how we approached the opposite high bank.

And now we are going up to the village itself.

My mother came from Krasavino and told me that as a child they walked on foot across the river in winter to this village for bread. In Gorka there was a bakery, where they baked delicious bread in the whole district!

But something went wrong...and the village was abandoned by people.

It's understandable! After all, there are no roads and you can only get by boat in the summer or on foot in winter.

Such hard-to-reach villages were dying in the first place.

Although the city of Krasavino is within easy reach!

I was already here in summer and more than once! But this is the very first trip to the abandoned village of Gorka.

Winter days are short, although it was already closer to spring. Twilight was coming - it was necessary to leave back and as soon as possible, because there are a lot of wolf tracks. If the day wolves do not stick to a person, then at night the chances increase. Although people say that they do not touch people, but still scared.

A few more photos.

And back!

Turn around and say goodbye to Gorka. Until next time!

Gorka is the nearest abandoned village to the city that I met. From the city it is separated by some 800 meters, but the way there is ordered: in summer by boat, and in winter only by sled or snowmobile.

There were rumors that there was a former prisoner in one of the houses...but I did not see any signs of life. This is a completely dead village, where even the summer residents do not go.

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Thanks for you beautiful story of your ghost town as we call them here.The photos are lovely.

Nice post

Please vote my photo

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Отличные фотографии природы и русской деревни. Мне очень понравились.