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Today I will be very cruel. I had hatched an idea for a long time and was going to write about it, pour out my soul. But after I visited the forum for the preservation of cultural heritage, I could not stand it. And so, get ready for the great battle.

Lit with me about the ugliness of houses. I will proceed immediately to the examples so that it is as clear as possible.

It would seem as much as possible to worsen the appearance of an already dull barrack? Yes Easy! You need to insert different plastic windows, and some crookedly cover with a lining. All this, of course, does not paint over.

After all, you can leave the window centered outside, but close it from the inside? Let it be a fake, but the house will not lose the beauty of its appearance.

A typical annex from a bar, which after construction remains bare. Why do we need all this appearance? The main thing is practical!

Here, for example, is a well-preserved and not mutilated house.

Today it has become fashionable to put plastic windows absolutely everywhere. Yes, it's warm inside, but the outside view is just disgusting. And even worse, when not the size of those windows that were originally.

Well, there was not enough money from the owner of the house to finish the mutilated facade. But this is not an isolated case! In two houses or more are such facades.

In this case - a good attempt to ennoble the house, but it looks dumb anyway.

What kind of style? Minimalism? Or moronitism?

The most disgusting shape of the roof. It looks like some kind of hangar or elevator. And most importantly, everything is covered with plastic! Cheap and... that's all.

Our children and grandchildren will then look at this. I wonder why all of people decided at once that they were good builders? To build framed shit by the Internet - a woman without experience can it! (real case, by the way).

What? Is that the ancient five-wall house, you tell? Yes, but do not care that different windows, most importantly they are plastic!

I demonstrate a mass tastelessness and lack of visual culture. We are rapidly losing the historical look of small towns in Russia! Moreover, people who do this with their housing, then go on vacation somewhere to reserved places to see preserved historical cultural monuments. They flee from themselves, it turns out.

In the dacha settlements is full of such ugliness. It’s clear there, if only there was a place to hang out. And this is one of the old streets of the city!

"What am I worse than a neighbor?"

Not only do people spoil houses that represent the cultural image of the city, so new buildings generally do not leave any chance for some kind of enlightenment of the younger generation.

How do you like that, Elon Musk?

You, of course, ask, what is good and what to do? And I will answer: there are architectural styles invented and tested over the centuries: Baroque, Rococo, Classicism, Modern, Constructivism, high-tech, Gothic, Chateau, Chalet and many others. So why not stick to these styles when building? If there is money to build a house, then the appearance should also be. If there is no money, then you can use the methods of building houses proven by our ancestors. Some still stand for more than 150 years, even from wood! And it look decent. And under the modern realities of life, the design and interior of the house can be adjusted without problems.

And if there is absolutely no money for the building, then you can at least just maintain the existing housing in decent condition, not only from the inside, but also from the outside. At worst, if you completely leave the window opening completely, then you can draw a fake. At least a holistic image of the house will not disappear.

Well, here it’s just blasphemy... If later they close it with plastic, then little will change!

And windows from a five-story brick building stuck into this house.

Hi-tech, motherfucker!

When I see such windows, I immediately have associations with barracks.

"Our tower-tower,
Not lower, not higher.
It is not huge, not small
There is a roof and a vault... "

The owners tried, praise!... but the plastic... and the shape of the roof...

Classics of the hobnailed genre.

This is how to give a child to paint over a picture of a famous artist.

Imagine such a terrible dream: our children in old age will defend such an inconsistent heritage, they will prove that it’s beautiful and they will pass laws banning the remaking of this shit.

Stylish, fashionable.

This planet cannot be saved anymore... we all passed off!

The birth of a monster.

White (or rather burgundy) swan among the bastards. When there is a desire and taste, then everything is possible. And most importantly, a minimum of investment.

This process, probably, cannot be stopped even at the legislative level...

I only went through three streets. And what is happening in the whole country...

Hangar for a space shuttle. At any moment, a hatch opens from above and an intercontinental missile flies out of there.

The main thing is there is an attic! And what looks like a granary is nothing.

Well, there is a similarity in form! I have such associations.

Another teremok.

And here again the style!

The scope of this is simply huge! What to show tourists? And where will we go then? To look at plastic with metal tiles in a neighboring ancient city?

Someone will say that this is all from poverty. Have you seen how much new construction? Our people, it turns out, live well! Well, if there is no money, then at least you do not need to spoil what our ancestors left us. It is only necessary to maintain a worthy historical form.

Forgive me for being rude, it’s just boiling up.
For sim, I say goodbye to you until the next issues.

In the end, I’ll give you some pictures from the Internet, since in my city I could not find worthy examples. I am sure they are, but they need to be looked for, at a time when muck is at every turn.




And these are my photo examples of preserved cultural heritage and maintained in a decent way.
The village of Kuzino.

Village Monastic Arable, Arkhangelsk region.

Village Zachachye, Arkhangelsk region.

The village of Koskovo. Kichmengo-Gorodetsky district, Vologda region.

All photos (except for examples) were taken on a smartphone, as it I was not worth spending a valuable shutter resource on such a shit.

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