How to take pictures of a kangaroo on an Australian flag

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How to take a nice picture of a kangaroo on an Australian flag? It is easy. At first you will need to find some tamed kangaroos in a park or somewhere else. Then place an Australian Flag on the ground and additional also something yummy to eat for the kangaroo. I found out the kangaroo loved biscuits and peanut butter.


Firstly, I gave them a yummy biscuit


Then I placed a biscuit on the towel ..


The kangaroo loved it and tried to find some more biscuit on the towel. When the Kangaroo was on the towel I used the time window to take some pictures of the kangaroo.


Then I gave them at the end yummy peanut butter for testing. He loved it even more than biscuits.:-)


It was a nice and funny experience to take a picture of the kangaroo on the towel. If you also want do that, then you need to be patient, because if you do something wrong they will just jump away.


End ...

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I will try it when I'll meet a kangaroo:)



Great informative post 😂😂


THX :)


Australia definitely has some weird animals!!